Now that life is getting back to more normal, I’m back at work doing the work I feel God wants me to do. I’m back coaching and writing and of course, painting what’s in my healing garden.

I’ve created a Facebook page to share some of the healing from the garden, as well as my own website, Feel free to stop by and visit.  (Go see the video of this mornings activity here in the garden (my house!) with the jays and squirrels.)

My Etsy shop is open and ready for business. I’ve been painting the blossoms from the garden as well as images of Christ. Both have been instrumental in helping me navigate the nightmare of benzo withdrawal.

My newest book, Stop. Open. Turn. Three Simple Listening Skills To Nurture And Grow Love In Recovery is available as a txt. file download from my Etsy store. The paperback is being released this fall.

I’m still healing, but the days are getting much, much better. Even the mornings are not quite a grim as they used to be. I’m excited about life ahead, and eager to start hosting workshops and this spring I’m planning a women’s retreat here in the SF bay area.

Keep fighting the good fight. And if you get hit by a wicked wave late in the game as I did, know that it will pass… just give it time. Mine took 5 months to reside, but it did. Your’s will too. Trust the healing process, even if you have to kick and scream along the way. Just. Hold. On.

Sending my love to you all.