Mornings With Jenn

Benzo Withdrawal Support Group

The Group’s Purpose

Going through withdrawal from a benzodiazepine can be a daunting journey. Not many medical professionals are educated about the dangers of the drugs, nor are they educated about how to help someone off the drug. The most current information about benzo withdrawal comes from the stories of the millions of people worldwide who have shared their experiences, and from medical professionals who have gone through withdrawal, or have worked closely with patients who have gone through it.

Mornings With Jenn is a unique support group that focuses on solutions, instead of problems.  We focus on the four cornerstones of well-being: eat right, (whole food plant based), move enough, stress less, and love well. We deep dive into the true elements of healing, combining neuroscience and spirituality.

Members aren’t allowed to post their symptoms in the group outside of our live sessions to lessen the chances of triggering others, and to keep the focus on solutions. 

The group’s purpose is to help members navigate benzo withdrawal safely, and to have the tools to begin to heal the issues that prompted them to go on a benzo in the first place.



The Details

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

At 9 A.M. Pacific, Mornings With Jenn meets live on a secret Facebook group. I talk/teach for 45 – 60 minutes. (You can’t see the other members, only me, however, you can post questions or comments and the group can read those.)

Monday’s are check-ins
Wednesday and Friday are topic discussions


Every month I host extra sessions for:
*0 – 18 months off
*18+ months off  (protracted)
*Healing with WFPB nutrition
*Healing with gardening

Two FREE Workshops Included

When you join Mornings With Jenn you have access to the Acceptance workshop and the Healing With Love workshop. Written content is found on this website, and the correspodning videos are found on the Facebook groups. Learn at your own pace, and enhance your healing with more tools for recovery with these workshops.

More Bang For Your Buck

The cost of membership to Mornings With Jenn is 59$. For that you receive 12 -15+ hours of time with me, plus the two workshops!

Cancel At Any Time

Mornings With Jenn is a subscription based membership; your credit card (I don’t have access to your information, it is stored at Stripe) will be chared each month. To cancel, simply send me an email or message and I’ll end your subscription. 

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