The Group’s Purpose. 

Heal With Dr. Jenn  is a fresh new format for group coaching and support for people in benzo withdrawal. It also offers caregivers education on how to best support loved ones in benzo withdrawal and practice self-care.

The Group’s Unique Benefits

Group coaching is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for people experiencing benzo withdrawal.

The group offers a data bank of symptoms and coping suggestions, watch parties, music, movies,  educational programs, yoga, meditation, guest speakers  and more! Heal With Dr. Jenn meets 9 A.M Tuesdays for caregivers


The Details

Group Coaching For Benzo Withdrawal

9 A.M. Pacific, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Group Coaching For Caregivers

9 A.M. Pacific Tuesdays

Channels Open 24/7

Post, read, play music any time

Guest Speakers

Success stories and more!

Symptom Databank

Easily find benzo withdrawal symptoms and suggested coping skills

Archived Live Sessions

Group Coaching is recorded and archived for viewing later at your convienance.