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Individual Coaching

Book a 30-minute or 60-minute coaching session for education, support, and coping skills.


Live Group Coaching/Support

Heal With Dr. Jenn on Discord offers three live  group coaching sessions per week plus streaming events, online resources, and safe, positive support  community.




Don’t Let A Doctor Or Therapist Harm You.


Very few licensed medical profesionals know that benzo withdrawal exists. Even fewer understand how to truly help. They often blame the patient for their symptoms or make an incorrect diagnosis. They  prescribe pills and treatments that can be harmful to someone experiencing benzo withdrawal, AKA, “benzodiazepine injury syndrome.”

Please educate yourself about benzo withdrawal so you aren’t further harmed by an ignorant medical professional.

Book a coaching session to learn the dos and don’ts of benzo withdrawal, and learn how to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Doctors Are Uneducated about benzo withdrawal.


Heal With Dr. Jenn
Group Coaching/Support

One to One Coaching

Click to find a benzo-informed medical professional.

Please note that even benzo-informed doctors may suggest medications or treatments
that the benzo community believes are not helpful and may be harmful. 
Do your research before agreeing to any drugs or treatment
you suspect may be contraindicated. 

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I care about you.


Like you, I took a benzodiazepine as prescribed. I hit tolerance (when the drug damages the brain and more is needed) sometime in the late 1990s and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I visited doctors—cardiologists, neurologists, internists, audiologists, therapists, etc.—none of them told me that the cause of my ill health was the benzo.

I stayed on the drug for many years, growing more and more sick and disabled.

October 2010, I began to taper off the drug and became bedridden. Many doctors who claimed to know about benzos tried to help me but they all harmed me.

Eventually, I was cold-turkeyed off the drug by a specialist who told me I would be fine. He was dead wrong. (Do not stop your medication abruptly as it can be life-threatening to do so.)

I have blogged honestly and openly about my recovery. It’s all here, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wonderful richness and beauty of life after benzo withdrawal.

As my brain and nervous system returned to normal,  I focused on achieving true well-being— a vibrant life without any mood-altering substances. I found the way to go from barely surviving to thriving! I’d like to share with you what I have learned.

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Jenn


Want Daily Support?

Heal With Dr. Jenn is a safe, positive coaching/support group on Discord, where we focus on the solutions for healing. Eat right, move enough, stress less, love well, are the four cornerstones of well-being. We unpack all they have to offer for the benzo withdrawal sufferer. 

Dr. Jenn hosts live group coaching on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 9 AM pacific. Each session is videoed for your convenience. Watch anytime. 

HWDJ has channels for benzo withdrawal discussions as well as positive, fun channels for connecting to the good in life, and for learning.

Concerned about being triggered? Your membership can be tailored so that you only see the positive channels, not the benzo channels.

HWDJ has live-streaming events: audiobooks, movies, music, educational series, meditation, yoga,  guest speakers, and more!

Heal With Dr. Jenn is a new, fresh approach to support for benzo withdrawal.

Membership is $120 a month, which includes 12+ hours a month of group coaching and personal access to Dr. Jenn.

Caregivers can now join for their own support! $60 a month, which includes a weekly group coaching session.

Go whole-food, plant-based in thirty days.

The first cornerstone of well-being is Eat Right: a whole-food, plant-based diet. Not only is it the best diet for your gut microbiome, which is what our health rests upon, but it also can reverse heart disease, autoimmune diseases, type II diabetes, and some cancers. Not only that, plants are the only place where you can get HDAC inhibitors, something that researchers believe heal and protect GABA receptors, and who doesn’t want that in benzo withdrawal/BIND?

Here is a link for a FREE thirty-day course to help you move to the healthiest diet on the planet, the one we are designed to eat.


Click here if you want to access to the free course.

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More BWD/BIND Symptoms: I, J, L, M.

More BWD/BIND Symptoms: I, J, L, M.

Thank you for helping me edit the alphabetical list of benzo withdrawal/BIND symptoms. Here is a look at I, J, L, and M.  There are no listed symptoms that begin with K that I can think of. Am I missing something? Let me know. Share your thoughts in the comments....

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An UPDATED letter to doctors

An UPDATED letter to doctors

Can you believe it's been almost TEN YEARS since I posted A Letter To Doctors? So much has happened since that post in August 2013. I've learned more about benzo withdrawal/BIND and what helps us to heal and to go on to live our highest and best expression of...

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Giving Thanks For The Horrible Gift

Giving Thanks For The Horrible Gift

I'm helping my daughter prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. She loves to host our family events, and she does a fabulous job. This Thanksgiving is special because my four children and their families will sit at the table. For the past few years, we weren't able to be...

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Is This Who I Was Before Benzos?

Is This Who I Was Before Benzos?

One of the most life-changing events in my life was stepping into a psychiatrist's office, hoping to find relief from my anxiety/panic attacks. That encounter changed the course of my life. Clonazepam, the benzodiazepine I was given, worked remarkably well. I couldn't...

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I’m tired.

I’m tired.

I'm not usually negative. I work arduously at being positive, sharing with you that you will recover and lead wonderful, happy lives. Because you will. But today, I'm tired. My eyes and ears have witnessed so much suffering in the benzo community. And, of course, I...

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How Do We Relax In Benzo Withdrawal?

How Do We Relax In Benzo Withdrawal?

It's Labor Day Weekend, and I'm across the San Francisco bay helping out with my three-week-old grandson. On Friday, traffic was heavy, with people heading out for fun and relaxation on this last summer holiday. I'll head back to the East Bay later today and hang out...

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An UPDATED letter to doctors

An UPDATED letter to doctors

Can you believe it's been almost TEN YEARS since I posted A Letter To Doctors? So much has happened since that post in August 2013. I've learned more about benzo withdrawal/BIND and what helps us to heal and to go on to live our highest and best expression of...

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