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Individual Coaching

Book a 30-minute or 60-minute coaching session for education, support, and coping skills. Urgent sessions are available.

The Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy

Support group + transformation and healing. Meet live 4 days a week with Dr. Jenn. Polyvagal exercises, neuroplasticity, The Four Cornerstones of Well-Being and much much more. Heal from benzo withdrawal and learn how to be your best self as you go forward.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawl/BIND Course For Health Care Professionals

You want to save lives.

But you may be harming your patients. There is an incredible lack of education about the drug’s ability to change the brain, resulting in withdrawal and BIND (benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction) symptoms, even though the FDA black-bloxed benzos in 2020. Now, more than ever, we need healthcare workers who understand benzo withdrawal/bind to reduce the needless suffering that millions of benzodiazepines experience. 

You can make a difference!

Introducing Dr. Jennifer Leigh’s 6-week course on Benzodiazepine Withdrawal/BIND designed specifically for healthcare professionals like you.


1:1 Coaching

Need individual help? Book a coaching session with me. I am happy to help you navigate benzo withdrawal.

The BW Healing Academy

Live sessions. Classes. Symptom & Coping databank. Ployvagal, neuroplasticity, The Four Cornerstones of Well-Being™, talk with Dr. Jenn and much more!

Free Course

Learn about benzodiazepines, BWD/BIND healing, and recovery for benzo sufferers.

I care about you.


I took a benzodiazepine as prescribed. As it does in about 50-80% of the people who take one, it damaged my brain and nervous system. When I tried to get off the medication, doctors gave me bad advice and damaged me even more. But I stopped taking my benzos in June 2011. 

I was disabled by BIND, benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction for a long time. As I healed, I decided to not return to my previous coaching career and instead, vowed to help people suffering from benzo withdrawal/BIND, as well as to help their caregivers, and to educate the healthcare community about benzodiazepine’s dangers and damages. 

I’m here for you. 

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