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Book a 15-minute check-in, or a 30-minute or 60-minute session for education/support.

Support Group

Mornings With Jenn is a unique support group based on the four cornerstones of well-being + bonus membership perks. 

Tired Of Hearing Only About Symptoms? 

Mornings With Jenn Focuses On SOLUTIONS! 

So many of my coaching clients tell me they’ve been triggered by support groups because they highlight the fear and negativity of withdrawal. Focusing on benzo symptoms can cause an increase in benzo symptoms. That’s why I created the Mornings With Jenn support group, where the focus is on well-being, and the ways in which we can embrace true healing. 

The group is ongoing. You can join and leave at any time. 

Focus on the four cornerstones of well-being, eat right. move more, stress less, love well. We discuss the science behind each cornerstone and how to apply them to your daily life.

Full access to the Acceptance and Healing With Love workshops & Facebook groups. Learn at your own pace.

Wednesdays and Fridays, 45-minute live video chats 9am Pacific at the private Facebook group page. (That's about 6 hours of live connection a month.) Can't make the live session? Replay it at your convenience.

Members-only written content is on the website.

Join any time during the month. Cancel at any time.

$59 a month

Where Are You In Your Benzo Journey?

Considering Getting Off A Benzo?

If you are concerned about being on a benzo, but you are scared to start the tapering and recovery process, please feel free to book an educational coaching session. I’d be happy to help you.

Please know that not everyone has a hard time getting benzo free. You may not have a challenging tapering experience. The Ashton Manual is a good guide for how much to taper. There are a few methods to tapering; each one having its own pros and cons. Please learn about them before you begin. Most doctors are not educated about benzos so please be careful and do your own research. There is a large body of evidence-based knowledge about getting benzo free. Learn from those who have gone through it.

Are You Tapering?

If you are tapering, please make sure that you are following a safe reduction schedule. The Ashton Manual recommends no more than a 10% reduction over a few weeks time. You can follow any number of tapering methods, i.e. water titration, weighing, compounding, tapering strips, etc. The key is to be consistent and to go at your own pace. If you are tapering and experiencing symptoms and would like to talk, please feel free to schedule a coaching session. I’m happy to help.

Are You Benzo Free?

If you are benzo free but symptomatic, I can help you via coaching. If you are benzo free and want to improve your overall well-being so that you are healthier and happier, you may want to consider joining the Mornings With Jenn support group. The focus is on the four cornerstones of well-being, as they apply to the healing from benzo withdrawal.

Helpful Resources

The Ashton Manual

Dr. Ashton’s manual is the guidepost most people use for tapering and education.

Benzo Withdrawal Tapering Journal

A tapering journal for keeping track of your daily doses, symptoms, and more.

Benzo Withdrawal Journal

Already benzo free? This journal is for you to take notes of your recovery.

Soul Reminders

Little Chats With God, a book of tender stories to sooth a weary soul.

New Business Rates, Hours, and Services
February 1, 2020 


Beginning February 1, 2020, my coaching fees will increase by a few dollars due to the increasing costs of doing business. My normal coaching days and times are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10am to12pm and 1:30pm to 5pm Pacific. 

I now offer coaching after hours on Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays, 10am to 12am and 1:30pm to 5pm Pacific. And on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 5pm to 7 pm. (Please email or text me before you book an after hours session to ensure I am available.) After hour sessions are more expensive and are used for urgent communication. 

I also offer a retainer relationship for one month’s daily coaching and texting support. If you feel you need daily connection please email me to discuss. 

New online courses are being developed for a springtime launch.  


About Me

Like you, I took a benzodiazepine as prescribed. I hit tolerance (when the drug damages the brain and more is needed) sometime in the mid 1990’s and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I visited doctors—cardiologists, neurologists, internists, audiologists, therapists, etc.—none of them told me that the cause of my ill health was the benzo.

I stayed on the drug for many years, growing more and more sick and disabled.

October 2010, I began to taper off the drug and became bedridden. Many doctors who claimed to know about benzos tried to help me but they all harmed me.

Eventually, I was cold-turkeyed off the drug by a specialist who told me I would be fine. He was dead wrong. (Do not stop your medication abruptly as it can be life-threatening to do so.)

I have blogged honestly and openly about my recovery. It’s all here, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wonderful richness and beauty of life after benzo withdrawal. 

As my brain and nervous system returned to normal,  I focused on achieving true well-being— a vibrant life without any mood altering substances. I found the way to go from barely surviving to thriving! I’d like to share with you what I have learned. 

Disclaimer:  I am not an M.D. or a psychologist (I have a doctorate in psychology but I am not licensed to practice). This website, my coaching, workshops, or support group are not intended to diagnose or to treat any type of illness.


“I joined Mornings With Jenn when she first offered it. I didn’t feel so crazy when I had the support I needed. It helped.”

“Jenn saved my life. I wanted to give up, but she helped me hold on during the dark days. A session with her feels like a warm hug.”

“Thank you Jenn for your website. I’ve never spoken with you, but I read every word you write for us in benzo withdrawal.”

The Blog

Comments are moderated. Please think before you post, as your words will be public and I will not be able to remove them at a later date. 

How To Stop Fearing The Future

How To Stop Fearing The Future

Fear is a common benzo withdrawal emotion. It can come out of the blue, settling over us like a heavy wet blanket. Sometimes we don't have any idea why we are fearful or what we are fearful about; we only know that we are very much afraid. And, that the fear is...

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Create Your Program Then Work It!

Create Your Program Then Work It!

When the wheels of my wagon began to spin crazily in benzo withdrawal, threatening to come off at any moment, my best friend reminded me to "work my program." No stranger to suffering herself, she had firsthand knowledge of what it took to weather the storms of a...

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What Is True Healing In 2020?

What Is True Healing In 2020?

When the wheels of the wagon started coming off, so to speak, when I was tapering, all I wanted was for the withdrawal symptoms to go away. I'd have made a deal with the devil, if I could have, to be free from the suffering of benzo withdrawal. Thankfully, deals with...

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New! New! New!

New! New! New!

NEW! Yesterday I downloaded a membership plug-in so that I could begin creating the members-only blog content for my support group, Mornings With Jenn. Unfortunately, the plug-in wasn't what I needed so I deleted it. When it left for parts unknown into the ethernet,...

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Lisa Ling and Dr. Heather Ashton

Lisa Ling and Dr. Heather Ashton

As you probably know by now, Lisa Ling's expose on the dangers of benzodiazepines airs October 6th on CNN. The producer of Lisa's show contacted me ages ago when the segment was being considered. I told him, please, above all else, believe the people you interview,...

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Can We Stop Fearing Fear?

Can We Stop Fearing Fear?

First, it's important to understand that we feel fear in benzo withdrawal because the medication we took downregulated our GABA receptors. We don't have the necessary "equipment" to produce calm in our bodies or our minds. We aren't fearful because we lack backbone or...

A Letter To Our Doctors

A Letter To Our Doctors

  Dear Dr. It is understood that many doctors are not properly educated about Benzodiazepines. Please allow me to arm you with some basic facts to better work with your patients. First, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Jennifer Leigh.  I have a...

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