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Made Headline News!

Dr. Jennifer Leigh has been right where you are: scared, tired, and hopeless in benzo withdrawal. It took her years to recover from a failed taper and eventual cold turkey from 18 years of prescribed Clonazepam use. Her blog, which she started in 2011, is a raw and honest account of her recovery.

During benzo withdrawal, Jennifer discovered powerful tools to help her recover from the brain damage the drug caused. She unearthed powerful, positive ways to rebuild her life once her brain was more healed. Jennifer went from barely surviving, to totally thriving.

Dr. Leigh wants you to thrive, too! She created a new online community here to help you recover. It is a safe, private community where you’ll receive the knowledge, skills, hope and inspiration you need to navigate through benzo withdrawal with confidence.

Dr. Leigh coaches people in benzo withdrawal worldwide. She also educates other professionals so they can best treat their benzo patients. To read Jennifer’s full bio, please go here. 

Dr. Jennifer Leigh Created A New Community

For People In Benzo Withdrawal.

(It’s More Than A Forum!)

The Healing Power Of Community.

Our brains need other brains in order to rewire for the better. That’s why Dr. Leigh created a new type of online community for people in benzo withdrawal. More than a forum, you’ll have the ability to create a profile, share pictures, connect visually with others, plus, post about your cares and concerns as well as your victories. It’s a new, powerful type of support. At last, you’ll connect with people who understand and care. Even on the go. You can access the community on your phone, wherever you are.


The community at BWH is private. It is only for people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a benzodiazepine. Safety is always the top priority. You must be a member to have access to the community. No guest passes will be allowed to protect members privacy and recovery process.

Coaching. Education. Inspiration.

You’ll receive knowledge, hope, and inspiration, through online classes, live webinars, special events, and For-Members-Only posts. Guests experts will stop by online to teach members everything from creating new distraction tools, to how to rebuild your life when withdrawal ends. Dr. Leigh will be available to answer questions in the community Monday-Friday. She will post a short video message of hope and healing every morning so you can set your intention for the day.

Benzo Withdrawal Community
Makes Headline News In
The Huffington Post!

Read The Huffington Post's Full story Here.

Here’s What People Are Saying…

I wish that a site like this was available when I first decided to get off of benzos. I tried different sites. I even tried one that cost me thousands of dollars in supplements and products that did not help me.
Now I speak with a person who knows what it is like to go through benzo withdrawal.
Jennifer cares about me and the others in the community. She works hard answering all of our questions.
Trust me, if you are going through benzo withdrawal, the Benzo Withdrawal Help Community is where you need to be. It offers a world of knowledge and information about benzo withdrawal and coping skills… all for the price of a couple of cups of coffee a week.

New York

Jennifer is so helpful to all of us going through benzo withdrawal. Many of us have turned to doctors and therapists for help, but they don’t understand what we are going through. Jennifer has lived through it. Jennifer tells the truth about benzo withdrawal, and what it takes to survive it!

Bobby F.

New York

Six weeks off of Xanax, I discovered Jennifer’s blog. She’s been my lifeline during this nightmare, ever since. Her positive, uplifting words of hope always encourage me to muster through another day. Her willingness to share her own withdrawal experience so openly and honestly helped me to know that all of the scary things I was feeling were normal for benzo withdrawal.

Diane M.

South Carolina

We have never met in person, but that doesn’t matter, as her sincerity, caring and openness were always evident and I could trust her with my worst, worst (worst!) fears, thoughts, and experiences. I don’t know anyone more dedicated to the cause of helping others in benzo withdrawal. Nor do I know a better listener. She’s been there, and will meet you where you are—wherever that may be in the process.

Mary R.


I am in my eighth month of withdrawal and Dr. Jennifer has been a Godsend since I contacted her in the earlier stages. She always responds to my emails in a timely matter and is very sympathetic and non-judgemental.  Thank God for her support!

Gail D.


“Conditions for recovery from benzodiazepine withdrawal are optimized in a group of caring people.

People’s brains and bodies need the safety and security of  a community in order to rewire and function in healthy ways.”

~Dr. Mark Brady
Neuroscience Educator

 Get Comfortable. Read About Benzo Withdrawal Recovery.
(This blog will always be free.)

Friday Called For Celebration!

Friday I celebrated a huge victory. It was a cornerstone moment in my life: a reporter shared my benzo withdrawal story and my work with other benzo victims. The story was published online at Van Winkle’s and in The Huffington Post. I’ve gone from being... read more



The Huffington Post Asked A Great Question About Benzos.

Read Dr. Leigh's No-Holds Barred Reply.

Don Killian is scheduled to speak to the Benzo Withdrawal Help Community.

Come listen and learn about Don’s amazing recovery from Klonopin and the benzo book he wrote!
Don will be speaking this month to the members of the BWH private community.

Baylissa Fredericks

Bliss is scheduled to speak to the BWH private community later this summer. Bliss, the heart and soul behind Bloom In Wellness, and the author of several benzo-wise books, is a champion and hero to us all. Come hear what words of encouragement she has to offer.

Barry Haslam

Some of you know Barry from Youtube. He’s a benzo warrior! He’s been a very loud, clear, and calm voice in the fight to change the prescribing laws in the U.K. Barry’s not able to attend via webcam, so he will answer via email, any questions the BWH community members want to ask. Fire away! I’ll send them to Barry.

Struggling On Your Own?

Our brains fare better when we
are in a caring community.

Get the support you need.

Become a member of Benzo Withdrawal Help.

Legal Disclaimer: Jennifer Leigh, PsyD., is not an MD or a licensed psychologist. She does not diagnose or treat any type of illness. In no way should this site be considered as offering medical advice. The content on this site is provided for informational and support purposes only. Never delay in seeking medical help because of something you have read at Benzo Withdrawl Help, or heard from a Benzo Withdrawal Help member. The information on this site should not replace the advice of your health care provider. Please consult them about the applicability of any opinions offered here with respect to your own symptoms or conditions.

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