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I am glad you are here.

I’m Jennifer. I cold turkeyed from clonazepam on June 23, 2011, after taking it as prescribed for close to 18 years.  I had tapered for 8 months but was bedridden and deathly ill so I “jumped”.  (This is not recommended!) My blog posts are an honest, raw account of my experience. Feel free to search through the old posts. (I’m five years free and have my life back. You will, too!)

I’ve been helping people in benzodiazepine withdrawal (BWD) for years. I’ve blogged, created a private support group, taught classes, coached individuals, and I’ve educated local doctors about BWD. I’ve also been an online contributor for AddictionBlog and I’ve given interviews for the media. (The Huffington Post ran an article last year.)

Most doctors are terribly uneducated about the dangers of these drugs, or the recovery process. They often prescribe medications that we in the BWD community feel hamper our healing, or they cause their own damage. Detox, rehabs, and inpatient mental health facilities have been known to cause harm. Doctors who are “addiction specialists” have harmed us. Even the staff at some of the most prestigious hospitals (Mayo Clinic, for example) have been known to be uneducated about benzos. I urge you to educate yourself about the damage these drugs can cause, and the safest ways to recover. Your safety and wellbeing are the most important things in the world! 

If you have found this website because you are helping a friend or a loved one navigate BWD, please take good care of yourself. The demands of caretaking are enormous, and you are very much needed. (You may want to read this post.)

The best and only “cure” for benzodiazepine withdrawal is time. Lots and lots of it. You will recover. You will have normal thoughts, feelings, and the ability to go back out in the world once again. What you experience now in benzo withdrawal is not the old you. It is not the new you. It is just you in benzo withdrawal, recovering from the damage the drug has caused.

Please be kind and gentle with yourself. Hold on. You will recover!

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I am taking some time off to focus on my own healing.

I got hit with a wave and need to rest. I’ll be back helping others cope with their symptoms just as soon as I can! I’ve disabled the sign-up calendar for now. Keep healing, everyone. We DO get better. And yes, some of us have waves, even years out. Some of us will have to take very good care of ourselves after we’ve healed from withdrawal. I am clearly one of those people!  Know that I love you all.

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Best Advice I Can Give You

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