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Hello, I’m Jennifer

Like you, I trusted my doctor and suffered a chemical brain injury from the benzodiazepine that I took as prescribed.

Now seven years off the drug, I educate people worldwide about benzos, as well as help them learn to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

If I can be of any help to you, please reach out.

I’m here for you,
Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

You’ll need the Ashton Manual

Learn more about benzo withdrawal
from the leading expert, Dr. Heather Ashton

Is it a benzo withdrawal symptom?

Here is a list of the most common withdrawal symptoms. Seek medical attention if you want to rule out any other cause for your symptoms.



Healing With Love

New workshop January 14, to February 8, 2019


There are two states of being: fear and love. Everything falls into the trajectory of one or the other.

Fear destroys. Love creates. 

This workshop will delve into spiritual teachings plus neuroscience to help you better understand how to manage and cope with your withdrawal symptoms using love as your guideline.

Classwork will be on a page here on the website, and a morning (recorded) live video about the lesson will be on a private Facebook group. (You can ask questions/share during the morning videos.)

Class lessons and the Facebook group will remain open after the class ends so you can refer back to it.


Cost of the workshop is $56. 



“I highly recommend the acceptance workshop. It is worth ten times the price you are paying for it. It is so valuable, that I am taking it again.  Lisa M.

“Bringing acceptance far beyond its most basic definition, Jennifer explores its facets with clarity and purpose. I found her compassion and empathy, along with her sharing her own experiences, incredibly powerful. I’ve discovered that to truly understand and cope with this journey, it will take more than resting my tired brain and body; I must practice acceptance in order to build a healthier life.  John S.




Sacred Relationship

A unique, individual journey into the
heart of self-regulation and connection
for ultimate health and happiness.

It’s almost miraculous how much better your life becomes when you know more about how your brain and central nervous system works!
 Sacred Relationship, (based on Polyvagal Theory) is THE MUST KNOW information for better health and well-being. 

I’ll be sharing easy to learn lessons with you, one on one, for an hour each week for four weeks. Plus, you’ll receive written lessons. You’re encouraged to email with any questions or updates on how you are doing throughout the month.

This course is ONLY for people who are healed enough to follow the coursework and apply the information.

I will only accept a few people each month to teach this course as it is intimate and life-changing, and I want to make sure that my students have my utmost care and attention.

The cost for the month of coaching, the lessons, and emails is $495.

If you are interested, please message me below to arrange an intake interview to determine if this deep-dive, one-on-one, transformational workshop is for you, or to ask any questions about it.



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The Benzo Coloring Book

Need some time away from focusing on your symptoms? Coloring can help. This simple book is filled with mandalas just waiting for you to color to your heart’s content. I’ve tucked in four short positive affirmations for you as well.
Available on Amazon. Click image above.

Benzodiazepine Tapering Journal

Keep track of your medications, doses, times, symptoms, and add notes/observations and affirmations about your tapering journey. Included are sections for doctors, therapists, and friends and family should you wish to educate them.
Available on Amazon. Click image above.

Soul Reminders

The second in a series of Soul Reminders books, Little Chats With God are sweet, tender little stories to open your heart to God’s love and care. The book contains 101 short stories. Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you.
Available on Amazon. Click image above.

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First, it's important to understand that we feel fear in benzo withdrawal because the medication we took downregulated our GABA receptors. We don't have the necessary "equipment" to produce calm in our bodies or our minds. We aren't fearful because we lack backbone or...

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Seven Suggestions For Practicing Acceptance

At 36 months out, I got slammed with the mother of all waves. It hit after I had been making measurable strides back to health and wholeness. I was out in the world more. I was writing again. Laughing. Going out on a few dates. I even created the curriculum for a...

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A Letter To Our Doctors

  Dear Dr. It is understood that many doctors are not properly educated about Benzodiazepines. Please allow me to arm you with some basic facts to better work with your patients. First, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Jennifer Leigh.  I have a doctorate...

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The Post Holiday Wave

The Post Holiday Wave

The Post Holiday Wave Syndrome Just as I expected, my inbox has blown up with people asking why they suddenly feel terrible after having had some better days under their belt. My reply is that chances are good that they are experiencing the "Post Holiday Wave...

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The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

I want to share some information about love, but first I want to share with you some information about the brain. The human brain is the most complex three pounds of matter in the known universe. Scientists are still trying to figure out how it works. Not that long...

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Ringing In The New Year!

Ringing In The New Year!

Another year under our belts; another year of healing. Good job everyone! I'm so proud of you. I know it's not been an easy journey. It's been hard as hell for some of you. And lonely, too, I know. But here we are, standing on the brink of the New Year. Three hundred...

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