About Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Earlier in her career, Dr. Leigh was an authority on parenting teens. She appeared on national radio and TV, and her work was showcased in top newspapers and magazines. She was an online contributor for Psychology Today and an award-winning author of self-help books. In 2010, everything came to a halt when she had a life-threatening brain injury due to a medication (a benzodiazepine) she took as directed by her doctor. She blogs honestly about her ordeal and helps people around the world who have the same injury. She also writes articles for addictionblog.org.

Jennifer offers education and coping skills coaching to people in withdrawal. Her support and education for the benzo community reach around the globe. (She also coaches people who have not been damaged by a benzo and offers intuitive guidance and intuitive healing at her Nevada City office. You can find out more about her work at injennifersgarden.com.)



◊ Featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Reuters, and other top-tier media
◊ Work showcased in magazines
◊ Guest on national television and radio
◊ In demand speaker
◊ Online contributor for Psychology Today
◊ Online contributor for AddictionBlog.org
◊ Taught a class on creativity at Stanford University
◊ Award-winning author
◊ World renown blogger


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