Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Dr. Jennifer Leigh
Coach. Educator. Author.

Hope. Help. Healing.

After earning a doctorate in psychology, Dr. Jennifer Leigh, “Dr. Jenn,” became a coach. As an award-winning author, she appeared on national radio and TV.  Her work was showcased in top-tier newspapers and magazines. Psychology Today asked her to be a contributor. But that coaching career came to a halt when the benzodiazepine she took as prescribed damaged her brain. Dr. Jenn blogged honestly about her ordeal, sharing her experience with others. Recovered, she helps people around the world who are in benzo withdrawal.

Dr. Jenn trained under the top traumatologists,  Dr. Peter Levin and Bessel van Der Kolk, and is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and studies in the Gut Microbiome.

My Story

I began taking a benzo in my mid-thirties for panic attacks. In my forties and fifties, I drank wine every night to stave off tolerance withdrawal symptoms, and I was increasingly bedridden. I didn’t know that my drinking and poor health were fueled by the little pill I had dutifully swallowed per my doctor’s instructions. In 2010, I got sober. Next, I started my journey to get off of the benzo so that I could be healthy and whole.

It wasn’t an easy journey (benzo withdrawal was hell!) but it was a worthwhile journey. I’ve learned to live the four cornerstones of well-being: eat right, move more, stress less and love well. I no longer have anxiety or panic attacks. I’ve learned to be calm and happy no matter what life throws at me.

I’d be honored to help you as you journey through benzo withdrawal.

I Believe

Benzo withdrawal can be a time of enormous growth

As traumatic as my recovery from benzos was, it was also a time of personal growth.  I used the time to let go of past wounds, limiting self-beliefs, and resentments that had kept true health and happiness at bay.

You have more inner wisdom than you know

When we are quiet, we can tap into our inner wisdom that reminds us that we are whole, even in benzo withdrawal. Benzos can’t damage our authentic selves, no matter how strange we may be feeling. We’re still in there!

Acceptance is everything

Fighting our symptoms or feeling sorry for ourselves creates more suffering. Acceptance is a powerful ally in withdrawal and helps us to avoid feeling desperate and hopeless. The Serenity Prayer is good medicine.

We eventually recover

It may take a great deal of time for some of us, but we do heal. Living the four cornerstones of well-being is key. Healing the gut microbiome through diet and lifestyle goes a long way to healing the brain and nervous system.