I had my first session of Healing Touch this afternoon. A friend who is battling cancer referred me to  Nina, a wonderful woman who is certified in healing touch therapy.

I have been struggling the past few days with high anxiety, formication, burning skin and a host of other symptoms.  Each day was getting worse.

I was not sure how I would respond to a Healing Touch session. Would it really help? Would it rev up my symptoms as I tried to lie still? I told Nina as much as possible about benzo withdrawal and my experiences  with it to date. She took careful notes and really listened. When we were ready to start the session, I trusted I was in good hands, literally.

I was jumpy and twitchy as we began. I didn’t dwell on it. I just surrendered to whatever was happening. Bright yellow danced in front of my closed eyes. It was almost painful, but exciting at the same time. I slowly felt my body relax. My twitches stopped. The thousand stinging ants eating away at my flesh stopped. Within a short time I was completely and utterly relaxed.

I thought “This is what healing will feel like! Calm. Peaceful.” As Nina worked her magic, I am not sure what she was doing as I kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the calm, I had a sudden and intense wave of heat rise up from my thighs and engulf me. My heat raced. It was uncomfortable. I opened my eyes, looked at Nina, and decided to not speak about it. I closed my eyes and allowed it to pass through me. It left as suddenly as it came.

There were times when the pressure in my ears became intense. I didn’t fight it. I allowed it to happen. I don’t know what it correlated to with Nina’s work, but it felt as if it were controlled by my energy state.

When the session was over, I was deeply relaxed. I have not felt this peaceful in months. My mind was calm. I would like to say that I felt 100% healed. But that is not the case. But I am greatly improved from this morning. I don’t know how long the calm will last, but I am grateful for it at the present moment.

I am going to have her come to the house twice more this week to see if the sessions help.

She said it was interesting that my energy seemed to be most congested in my legs. She assumed it would be that way near my head due to the brain imbalances from withdrawal. I told her that I am using some of Dr. Peter Levine’s tools for moving old trauma out of the body. I have been visualizing old events and moving my legs as if there were running. When I was unable to get away from old traumatic events when I was young, the energy was locked into my body. That’s the theory of some of the best trauma researchers.

I feel more at peace at this moment. My mind is calm. I am healing. I trust that.

To your health,

Dr. Jenn