Dear Friends,
Yesterday this site crashed. Files were destroyed. It’s taken me and my hosting team many hours to restore it, only to have the media library go down shortly thereafter.

As you can see, the site isn’t looking too good. Sorry about that. My team doesn’t know the cause of the problem yet, but we are all working diligently on it.

After many prayers for guidance yesterday, I have come to the decision to not have a chat room or member access. It seems that creating those things are perhaps part of the cause of the problems. The site will remain a simple blog, with the pages you see in the menu. I was so hopeful that I could create a site that brought you all more value and more help. Maybe down the road, we will see.

I also need to tell you that other than the people I currently help via email or texting, I can’t communicate with new people. I just don’t have the time as I am putting all of my energies into rebuilding a career. I’d like to get off of food stamps after years of poverty from withdrawal, you know? 🙂

I’ll continue to blog and I’ll leave the old posts up so you can follow my journey of recovery. Surviving benzo withdrawal was the hardest thing I have ever had to do! But it was worth it. Life is very precious and very sweet now. Your life will be good again too, in time.

Thanks for your patience as we troubleshoot the source of the this latest problem and correct it. Keep healing!

Warm regards,