I’m back in a bad wave, so sorry to have to say. I mean, it’s really bad. I feel like I am at 6 months off. Not quite as severe mentally, but it’s as bad as I have been in over a year and a half. Definitely.

I was wondering if it was due to the month of eating vegan? Was I doing too much? Was it from the stomach virus? Who really knows. (I suppose it doesn’t really matter what caused it. I’m in it. What matters is how to ride it out and not let it upset me.)

I called Don yesterday to vent. He was a great listener as always. He sent me this link this morning. It *may* be phony baloney, but I think there is something to this. (Don and I are both getting more emails and calls than usual about benzo symptoms.)


I am curious if anyone else has had a flare since the sun flares?
I am aware that it sounds sorta “out there,” but I do believe energy is something we humans know little about.

If you want to share your increase in symptoms, please leave a comment so we can all compare notes.

Whatever set off this wave, I’ll ride it out. One thing I am beginning to believe is that we will ALWAYS be susceptible to stress. (Even Colin, the founder of BenzoBuddies.Org told me that at 11 years off, he cannot take a drink without some of his symptoms coming back.) We must take good care of ourselves!


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