“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Step Eleven in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, suggests that we seek out conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation. Prayer takes us on a most amazing adventure because it connects us with God. Prayer leads us away from the illusions and delusions we have about life. Prayer can strip away our false security in ourselves and help us surrender to God.

Jesus admonishes us that we can bear little fruit in life unless we dwell in Him and Him in us. (John 15:5) We accomplish that through prayer. When we pray, we connect with the Holy Spirit God put inside of us. The Holy Spirit allows us to see God in ourselves, in others, and in all of creation. Suddenly, the world is a much different place! But we can’t see the world through God’s eyes unless we relinquish our lives to Him through prayer.

We learn to pray by… praying! It is a practice that grows and matures as we go deeper and deeper into union with God. Yes, prayer is a great adventure. It creates the ultimate relationship from which all other relationships are created, including our relationship with ourselves. A life of prayer is not for the feint of heart, for it can take us places we never dreamed we’d go. It can transform us into someone we never thought we could ever be. Prayer is powerful. Enjoy the adventure!