The Benzo Withdrawal
Healing Academy


Hope. Help. Healing.

Introducing the Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy – a beacon of hope and transformation for those seeking comprehensive healing.

Years ago, I created Mornings With Jenn, a humble support group. Over time, it has evolved into a dynamic place of learning that goes beyond mere support, offering insights into healing from benzo withdrawal and beyond.

At our core, we address the body, mind, and spirit, ensuring a holistic approach that encompasses the human experience in all its aspects.

While most modalities focus on just one healing aspect, the Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy embraces a multifaceted approach. You’ll learn how to best navigate benzo withdrawal and use this time of recovery to become your best self— to go forward living your highest and best potential.

Join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment and learn how to reclaim your life with knowledge, compassion, and a community that understands and supports you every step of the way.

Membership Benefits

  1. Four Days A Week: I lead recorded sessions on Discord on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific. You can see and hear me, but members’ cameras and microphones are turned off to minimize sensory overload. Members post questions and comments in a chat box.
  2. Safety: Be anonymous with a profile name of your choosing.
  3. Control Your Subscription: You can cancel your subscription at any time with the touch of a button.
  4. Video Archive: Watch hundreds of hours of past sessions at your convenience.
  5. Comprehensive Resources: A wealth of resources, from educational materials to practical tools to support your recovery journey and beyond. You can learn at your own pace, taking into consideration the state of your nervous system.
    You’ll learn about and have access to:
    • Rewiring your brain and nervous system for health and happiness
    • How to best support your gut microbiome 
    • All things benzo withdrawal, including the must-know dos and don’ts, tapering methods/schedules, etc.
    •  A database of symptoms and their specific coping skills. A Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy exclusive!
    • The course for the medical community about benzo withdrawal, only offered in the Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy.
    • The Four Cornerstones of Well-Being™
    • Polyvagal theory
    • Improving vagal tone
    • Neuroplasticity exercises
    • Meditation
    • Nutrition
    • Manifesting/creating your future
    • Effective communication skills
    • Relationship building
    • Overcoming past traumas/anxieties 
    • Self-esteem and self-love and care
    • And more!
  6. Community Support: Engage with a supportive community of individuals who understand your challenges and are here to offer encouragement and solidarity. We focus on the positive and solutions, so you won’t find the fear-mongering that goes on in so many other support groups or forums.
  7. Connect With Me: I answer direct messages twice daily, Monday through Friday. 

My passion and mission remain steadfast: to empower you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate benzodiazepine withdrawal successfully and to go forward to live your highest and best. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or have been in the benzo community for some time, the Benzo Withdrawal Healing Academy is here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

    Stanford University

    Join risk-free. Try the group for a week. Not a good fit? Your money will be fully refunded.

    At the end of checkout you will receive a link to join Dr. Jenn’s Discord server and instructions. Please remember to use or save the link before closing the checkout window. Once you are in Discord follow the instructions in the #new-members channel to get access to the support group.  

    Decide it’s not for you? Members can cancel their monthly subscription at any time through the Customer Portal