I'm looking forward to having you in the group.

STEP ONE:  Please EMAIL ME that you’ve paid and want to join. My email is drjenniferleigh@gmail.com   

STEP TWO: Send me a request to add me on Facebook @Jennifer Austin Leigh so I can invite you to the group. (Let me know if you are using a different name on Facebook) 

STEP THREE: Accept the invitation I send you to the group.

STEP FOUR: Join us live at 9 AM Pacific on the secret Facebook group, Mornings With Jenn

Your membership also entitles you to the two workshops, Acceptance and Healing With Love. The content for them is on the benzowithdrawalhelp.com website. The password for both workshops is iamhealing.  The videos for both are on Facebook. I’ll send you an invite to them both. 

Please don’t share the passwords with anyone else. Please make a note of the passwords. If you forget, you can email me at drjenniferleigh@gmail.com or post in the Mornings With Jenn support group on Facebook.

Remember, the support group is a place where we focus on solutions. It is not a place where we post our symptoms like in benzobuddies.org or other groups.  We do talk about symptoms, but we the main focus is on healing. 

I look forward to having you in the group. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Kind regards,

PS. Your credit card will be charged once a month until canceled. If you need to leave the group, send me an email. I’ll cancel your subscription.