Not everyone will remember to write a success story; too busy living their healthy, happy life!

However, a few past clients drop me a note and tell me about their recovery.

Here are a few to remind you that you will heal just as they did!  

Jody's story

Dr. Jenn,

I am very happy to say that I DID get off the clonazepam I was prescribed, unknowingly, of course, of its pitfalls & traps for over 32 years. I even managed to insist the doctor apologize to me.

I had been taking amitriptyline even prior to that & I was advised to double the dose from 25 mgs. to 50 mgs. to help achieve that. I did, & it worked. I’ve been off clonazepam now for 6 months today! 

But then I had to get off the amitriptyline! That has been almost as bad as the Clonazepam. By continuing to cut back 5 mgs. every two weeks, I’ll be totally off it in about a month. I can’t wait. 


I will be truly free, at last!

Also, not only from my notes from you about Dr. Michael Greger but from another source, I’ve gone from quasi-vegetarian to vegan. I watch his videos & hear his podcasts almost every day.

I also have those wonderful “Forks over Knives” magazines I get at Whole Foods.

I am living proof that at 80 years of age, I could slowly & safely – with Great Patience – get off the benzo that had been plaguing me for decades.

I did it by myself (no family & only a few friends nearby to help) with prayer, perseverance & living in gratitude.

Ela's story

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is horrific, it is inhumane torture, but it will end someday. I was self-diagnosed as a lot of doctors in my country don’t know anything about benzo withdrawal. And I was unfortunate to become dependent in only 5 days on valium taken for a herniated disc as a muscle relaxant. I never took it for psychiatric reasons or for sleep.  I found benzo buddies and everyday read success stories every day. Those saved my life.  I wanted to leave my success story, but it was so hard for me to recall all the suffering I had and explained it in detail. I have detailed notes of all my symptoms day by day, saved in notes on my iPhone. I tracked every symptom I had.   

It was inhumane. I would have wanted to die rather than walk through this hell.  I live my life now as if it was my second life. I never believed I was so strong !!!  But the love for my husband and the love he gave me throughout this ordeal was the reason I am still alive today! Love is a sublime feeling! I am now living my life fully. (I had a traumatic, horror, cruel withdrawal. I don’t want to remember that dark time of my life.)

I am glad you are continuing to support people in this ordeal of withdrawal. 

God bless you!

Gwen's story

Hey Dr. Jenn,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m doing really well. This has been my favorite Winter for a really long time. The weather has been mild mostly, and there are so many places to walk the dogs where I live now. There’s a forest on the other side of the tracks full of trails, and my house is right a lake. We face east and see the sunrise. I don’t mind waking up too early these days because of that. It rarely happens, though. My sleep is almost as good as it once was. I haven’t had any shakes or vibrations for months now. My anxiety is better than it has ever been. I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been. You were right that this hardens our CNS. I feel like I could go through a war without flinching. Lol. I hope you are well too, and I hope you have ample place to garden this summer.


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