We may be tempted to listen to binaural beats or other sound or tone therapies. They seem innocuous enough, so why not give them a try? They might reduce some of our benzo withdrawal symptoms, right? Wrong, unfortunately. A few of our benzo buddies have tried them with terrible consequences. These sound therapies can greatly increase withdrawal symptoms or create a setback in those who have felt mostly healed.

I am not an expert in any of the sound therapies out on the market, so I am not going to explain how they work on the brain and nervous system. You can Google them for any information you’d like to know. What we do know in the benzo community is that they can be dangerous for some and they are best avoided. This doesn’t mean that you have to become hypervigilant about anything that you listen to. It just means you want to avoid being exposed for a length of time, to anything that is marketed as a sound, tone, or beat therapy. Don’t put on headphones and listen to them.

I don’t know the exact action these sound therapies have on the brain. I only know the outcome—a very excited nervous system. The few people in our community who have been stricken with an increase in symptoms or a setback describe their situation as intolerable. New, frightening symptoms often appear and they can take some time to fade away.

It is best to avoid these sound therapies while we are healing from benzo withdrawal, and for some time after we seem healed, in order to give our nervous systems enough time to truly strengthen. Remember that the way out of benzo withdrawal is through. I know it is a challenging path often fraught with loss, pain, fear, and dispair, but please keep going. Don’t look for an “easier, softer, way.” There is none. There is only acceptance, distraction, and the four cornerstones of well-being: eat right, move enough, stress less and love well. These are the things that really help us to heal and to go forward with our lives more whole, healthy, and happy. Listening to a tone, beat, or sound, will not shorten our benzo journey, and can perhaps, make it more challenging.

Please share this information with others who are going through benzo withdrawal. Let’s make sure that everyone in benzo withdrawal knows the dangers of these sound therapies.