Millions of people have healed from benzo withdrawal. You will too! Acceptance, patience, and distraction are good tools to use to cope with your symptoms. Reach out to others who understand what you are doing through when you need a helping hand. Remind yourself that your brain is healing. Remind yourself how strong you are, and how far you’ve already come! Don’t quit before your miracle!! And it is almost here!!


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February 13, 2017


  1. wendy caron

    Love your Light Jennifer,Its so true Blue!!!

  2. Jackie

    Thank you for posting Jenn, I always need reminded and belief the I will heal, even though it feels far away! I’m starting to get angry now, my emotions seem to loop all the time, think it’s part of healing. My body feels so broken just now, sorry Jenn tough day, tough few months. I do hope you are well, and you always keep me moving forward!
    You give so much of yourself, for that I am eternally grateful.
    Much love

  3. Jerry

    Jennifer Thank You for this new ad-on Inspirations area LOVE IT !!!
    Love & Gratitude, Jerry

  4. Angie

    Just found this. Just the boost I needed. Thanks! ♡

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