Plant-Based With Jenn

A live support group for healing nutrition

Let’s Heal Together!

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About PBWJ

When I went plant-based, my life and health transformed in amazing ways. Now, years later, more educated about the science and nutrition of a plant-based diet, I want to support you on your journey of health and healing through food.

You’ll learn what foods to buy, how to cook them, store them, and enjoy them! You’ll learn what foods can rev up benzo withdrawal symptoms and how to avoid a flare and still get nutritional benefits.

We meet once a week, live, on a secret Facebook group on Tuesdays, 9 AM Pacific. Recipes, resource links, videos, cooking demos, etc., will be posted in the group on a regular basis. 

PBWJ is a pilot group, free, as I learn what everyone needs. Once the group is more organized, there will be an affordable fee.

The only requirement for membership is a true desire to go plant-based and a willingness to explore.

I am currently enrolled at Cornell University in their certification program for Plant Based Nutrition. Graduation date 9/21. I am also enrolled at Nutraphoria to become a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. Graduation date 9/22.