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Mornings With Jenn

With the outbreak of Covid-19, people experiencing benzo withdrawal are more at risk for anxiety and depression. Their nervous systems are already taxed. They need positive, sound support.

The financial impact of the virus, plus the financial strain of benzo withdrawal are keeping some people from seeking the help they need.

I’ve made Mornings With Jenn as financially viable as I can, offering over 9 hours of live support a month, plus access to two workshops and all their content for $59.

I focus on the Four Cornerstones of well-being: eat right, move more, stress less, and love well. Inside of these cornerstones I teach polyvagal theory, which is how the brain and the nervous system works, so that you have the tools you need to not only calm your nervous system, but to ultiemately rewire it for the better as you heal. I also share information about cell danger response as well as spiritual teachings that help the brain and nervous system heal and function at their optimum levels. 

We meet live on a private Facebook Group

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I stream live  at 9 A.M. Pacific at the Mornings With Jennifer Facebook page, for 45 minutes or more. 
Cant make the live stream? Every session is recorded and archived. You can watch at your own convenience. There is also written content just for members on the website.

Tuesday and Thursdays I stream live for a few minutes for spiritual inspiration 

That’s five days a week of support. 


FREE access to two workshops

As a Mornings With Jenn member, you’ll have access to two workshops: the Acceptance Workshop and the Healing With Love Workshop.

Both workshops have written “classroom” content on the website, and recorded videos on their respective private Facebook group pages.

You can access the workshops at your own pace, and post questions or comments on the Facebook pages.

Ask questions and post comments.

During the live stream, I can answer your questions in real time. Although you can’t see one another,  you can see everyone’s posted questions.  You can respond to them or to anything that I’ve said.

You may also post anything positive on the Facebook group page inbewteen lives streams. If you have a symptom question, you may post it, however, we are not a support group that focuses on symptoms and suffering. We focus on learning and implementing healing spoultions. 

I'm happy to answer any question you may have.

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