Christmas of 2016 I created a private Facebook group where people could give me their ideas about a benzo withdrawal book I wanted to write.  I began writing it Januray 2017, but kept hitting a wall I just couldn’t seem to get over. Then, that spring, the words (finally) started flowing. I was excited! I could see the book in my mind’s eye. I knew what I wanted it to contain. Happily, I sat at my desk and wrote and wrote and wrote. Then my setback happened that summer and life as I knew it went right out the window.

I was so astounded and befuddled by the setback that I couldn’t write. In fact, I was so thrown off guard, and so sick that I stopped communicating with people in benzo withdrawal. I closed this site. I took down my Benzo Withdrawal Help Facebook page and I unfriended over five hundred people on Facebook. I couldn’t bear to read or hear the word benzo. I had suffered enough, and I had heard enough of other’s suffering. I promised myself I was done with anything benzo. Forever.

But, the benzo community wasn’t done with me. Thankfully. People reached out to me, sending me their best wishes and prayers. I was deeply touched and I thank you all. As I slowly but surely healed from my setback, my heart (and mind) grew strong again and I could once again cope with the suffering of those in benzo withdrawal. Not only that, but I had a renewed interest and dedication to those still trudging that long and lonely road. It was as if my setback was the catylst for an incredible upward spiral in my life. I gained more courage and wisdom than I could possibly imagine!

I’m happy to tell you that the book I envisioned in December of 2016 is now being written. It is a guide to benzo withdrawal as well as a workbook you can use to track your tapering, symptoms, explore coping skills, stay on top of nutrition, jot down questions for your doctor, write your fears and concerns, ponder strategies for relating to family and friends, your dreams for the future when you are well, etc. (And, you will be well again. I promise.)

I’m so grateful to be back among my benzo buddies. I’m grateful that I am well enough to be of service again. I’ll keep you posted on how the book is coming along. In the meantime, please reach out and let me know what topics you’d like to read about in my future blog.

Keep healing!

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