My friend Lynnclair is an amazing woman. Decades ago she died in a hot air balloon accident. But she came back to life! Not only that, she brought back something she saw on the other side: the Mereon Matrix. Top scientists the world over are studying its unusual powers. That’s not what this post is about, though. I just wanted to introduce you to my marvelous friend, because she is the one who told me about Farabloc.

I told Lynnclair about the pain in my muscles, bones and joints. I told her about the head pressure that made me feel so sick and woozy. She suggested I try something called Farabloc. She had used it for pain in her knee that refused to budge no matter what doctors did for her. It took a few weeks of using the product, but the pain left and never returned. I visited the Farabloc site. I have to admit I was skeptical… but, it looked interesting enough for me to buy a cloth.

I used the material every day. I wrapped it around my shoulders like a shawl. Nothing happened. I tried it for weeks. Nothing. I folded it up and put it on the shelf, with a sigh.” Nothing works for this benzo pain,”  I thought to myself. But something made me take the cloth off of the shelf and place it over my pillow on the bed. That night I slept on it. And the night after, and after, and guess what? After a week, my pain levels and head pressure got incredibly better! I am not totally pain-free, but I am about 80% better! 

I don’t know if Farabloc will work for you. However, it would be great if a few more people risked trying it to see if it helps their benzo withdrawal pain. I won’t sleep without the cloth on my pillow so that my shoulders, neck, and head rest on it. I’m so grateful my pain levels have been reduced so much. There are now hours every day when I am pain-free. In four years, that is a first!

If you decide to buy a Farabloc cloth to try, please come back and post a comment about your experience. How did you use your cloth? Did it work or not? Did you keep it or return it? Let’s find out if I’m just an anomaly, or if Farabloc really is a good tool for benzo withdrawal.