Healing With Love

A private, spiritual membership GROUP and FORUM
Starting July 2, 2018

What the group and forum are:

  • A private group and forum for members who want a spiritual environment and spiritual encouragement to heal
  • A place to learn how to practice acceptance, patience, distraction, and gratitude
  • An opportunity to keep track of your recovery and your spiritual growth
  • A place to connect with others in benzo withdrawal who have a spiritual belief in God as they understand God
  • Create your own profile to connect with others, post your thoughts, etc. (A private social media platform.)
  • A place for contact with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD Monday-Friday through videos, private postings, and webinars


  • Community: contact with others in a safe, spiritual environment
  • Contact with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD M-F via videos, postings, and  webinars
  • Keep a record of your progress/recovery
  • Prayer support
  • Encouragement, education, and support

Requirements to join:

  • You must have a phone conversation/interview with Dr. Leigh if you have not been a previous coaching client. Privacy and safety is the first priority of the group.
  • You must agree to the terms of service listed on the signup page.
  • You must have a faith in God as you understand God and want to utilize that faith in your recovery.

What the group and forum ARE NOT:

  • The group and forum are not a religious place. (They are a spiritual place.) People from all faiths are welcomed.
  • A place to share your religious beliefs as a means to convert someone. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs.
  • A place for religious debates or arguments. We are here to love and to heal, not fight.
  • A place to indulge in self-pity or self-sabotage. Positivity is encouraged.


  • 39$ a month
  • Some scholarships are available if you are unable to afford the monthly fee. Please contact Dr. Leigh

Recurring payment:

  • When you sign up, you will automatically be enrolled in a recurring monthly payment of $39 until you cancel your subscription.

Please use the form below to contact Dr. Leigh for more information
or to schedule a free interview to join the group and forum.






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