I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time.
Some of you may recall I attempted to create the membership community right after I got back from driving across the USA to give hope to people in benzo withdrawal. I was deeply touched by the incredible, powerful, courageous people I met from sea to shining sea. I wanted to do more than just write and post a blog. I rolled up my sleeves and created a recovery site so I could help more people. But that wasn’t what my benzo friends needed. So, I dismantled it, and went back to the drawing board. I created a survey and asked what people really needed in benzo withdrawal. And I listened. Carefully. Then, I got to work.

You said you want more hope.
You want more ideas about distracting. More help in navigating withdrawal with confidence. I created the new community with all of your needs in mind. We will be able to connect, very much like how you connect in Facebook. But we will have the capacity to create a Google hangout and see one another!  I’m planning free webinars, and I’m bringing in guest experts who can help us learn new tools to distract and to rebuild our lives.

I’ll be posting educational information as well as updates about webinars, classes etc. here on this site. I’ll also post content within the community, so check both places.

What else do you need?
As we iron out any wrinkles over the next month or so, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think we can add, or make better in the community. I’m here to help you recover. I want to see you not only survive but to thrive. I know it’s possible because I went from death’s door to feeling invincible. Life is so sweet.

More coming soon. See you inside the Benzo Withdrawal Help Private Community!


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