I’ve always loved the song Summertime And The Living Is Easy.
Ella Fitzgerald sang it best, IMHO. Oh, that throaty, smoky voice! Chills up my spine. I grew up in the deep south, so I can relate to fish jumping and high cotton. When I was a little girl I played hide and seek with my cousins in our cornfields. We ran around in the swelting heat like it was nothing. A quick rest on the front porch swing, a tall glass of sweet tea, and we were back out under the blistering sun, ready for new adventures. The humidity was so high that my hair was damp and wild, stands poking out in every direction. I was just a kid, what did I care? I was having the time of my life!

I didn’t enjoy the summer’s heat and humidity while I was sick in withdrawal.
It drained me. It often revved up my withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, we don’t have many humid days here in northern California. It’s one of the five Mediterranean climates in the world. I’m lucky in that respect. We don’t get slammed with too many scorching days, either.

The heat and humidity can make us feel worse in withdrawal.
It’s a good idea to take precautions in the summer heat. Wear sunscreen. Wear clothing that allows you easy movements and the ability to sweat. Drink plenty of fluid to replace what you lose through sweating. Make sure your salt intake is enough. Take time out in the shade. Don’t over do it! If you fatigue, rest. Pushing yourself in the heat isn’t a smart idea. If you decide to stay indoors to avoid the heat, make sure you do some exercises. Sitting around isn’t healthy. (Of course, if you are bed or couch-bound, this doesn’t apply to you.)

Every summer I’m able to do more and more.
Every summer since I swallowed my last benzo (June 22, 2011) I feel better and better! The heat bothers me less and less. I see continual improvement.  Baylissa, the wonderful woman behind Bloom In Wellness, told me that we continue to heal on a deep level for many years. I look forward to every summer being better, and better! I know that one day, the heat won’t even phase me. I may even go visit our family farm in Georgia and rustle up some of my cousins for a game of hide and seek out in the fields. Could be fun!

Keep healing, everyone.