Two weeks ago I received a phone call from a woman who had kicked benzos over a decade ago and has been helping people ever since. She was a wealth of information. In all of her years of looking for the “holy grail” to help people heal from benzo withdrawal, she said the closest thing she has found was the GAPS diet. I was intrigued so I bought three books from the website. 

The diet makes sense. If indeed people with “leaky guts” have psychological problems, it could explain why some of us can taper with minor problems and others are flattened by the process.

I am starting the diet this week and will report if I find it helps at all. I am holding at my dose per my new doctors orders, so I may not be the best test case. But it will be interesting to see if I feel better overall.

The woman I spoke with claimed that people who followed the diet had a significant reduction in symptoms. I am hoping to heal my gut before I start to make any more cuts. ( Or at least start healing, as healing will take time I am sure.)

I have no affiliation with the GAPS diet website. I don’t receive any compensation if you buy the books.  I am passing on the information because it sounds as if, at least in theory, it can help those of us in benzo withdrawal.

If any of you are on the diet or start, and have information on how well it works, or doesn’t work, I welcome you to write me and share your stories.

I hope everyone is having a great memorial weekend.

To healing out guts and our brains, which are directly tied to each other!(FYI the gut is now thought of as the second brain)

Dr. Jenn