My mission in life is to help reduce suffering in the world. I do that by helping people navigate benzo withdrawal and educating healthcare professionals about the dangers of benzos.

You can help me by entering the contest to win a free month membership to my live support group, Heal With Dr. Jenn.

To enter the giveaway, enter your name and email. It takes a few minutes for the email to reach your inbox. Please be patient. Once you get the email, click on the confirmation. (The email will probably arrive with a warning that it could be a spoof email, but it’s from me.)  Once you click confirm, you’ll be redirected back to the contest form. Click the Instagram link, and you’ll be taken to my new DrJennBenzoWithdrawalHelp profile. That’s all you need to do. The contest is a way to let you know about the IG account and hopefully gain some new followers.

Thank you for helping Benzo Withdrawal Help grow to reach more suffering people and healthcare professionals who need education about benzodiazepines. I always appreciate it when you share my posts with others who may benefit from the information.

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