Benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND (Benzodiazepine-Induced Neurological Dysfunction) is a challenging journey that millions worldwide have had to traverse. However, if you scour the internet in search of success stories, you may find yourself disappointed. The scarcity of such accounts may make one wonder why they are not readily available and arrive at the conclusion that success, that is, recovery, happens infrequently. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the lack of success stories, shedding light on why they remain hidden and emphasizing the importance of recognizing that recovery is indeed possible. I will share some tips to navigate withdrawal/BIND, focusing on the four cornerstones of well-being and more.

Why the Lack?

One of the primary reasons success stories about benzodiazepine withdrawal recovery are scarce is that those who have recovered often choose not to dwell on their past suffering. Once they start feeling better, they are understandably eager to embrace their newfound happiness and move forward with their lives. The desire to leave the painful chapter of withdrawal/BIND behind becomes overwhelming, making it difficult to revisit and relive those painful memories. Consequently, many individuals opt not to share their experiences online, resulting in a shortage of success stories. I have asked many of my clients to pen a short success story, and while many say they will, the vast majority do not follow through. I can’t blame them, really. Once you get a taste of normal and ease back into life, you want to keep that forward momentum. 

Recovering from benzodiazepine withdrawal is a complex and lengthy process. As individuals gradually regain their health and rebuild their lives, they may become deeply engaged in various activities and commitments. Focusing on career goals, relationships, personal development, or simply enjoying life again, they may forget to write a success story. “How can they forget?” You might ask. When we are in the thick of benzo withdrawal/BIND, we tell ourselves that when we heal, we will do all we can to help the benzo community. And we mean it at the time. But something happens as we recover. That burning desire to be a spokesperson in the community fades away. That doesn’t mean we are bad people; it simply means we are focused on our new, healthy, happy lives. Very few people go on to be an advocate for the benzo community, and that is okay. After recovery, just being you—giving your unique talents and gifts to creation is enough. 

Silence Doesn’t Mean Failure 

The scarcity of success stories does not indicate a lack of success. People do recover from benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND, even though their stories may not be prominently showcased on the internet. The absence of published narratives should not discourage you or undermine your hope for recovery. Instead, it should serve as a reminder that recovery is profoundly personal and may not always find its way onto online platforms.

Navigating Withdrawal/BIND: Tips for Success

 While the path to recovery is unique for every individual, several guiding principles can help the journey. Here are a few tips to help navigate withdrawal/BIND:

  1. Embrace the Four Cornerstones: During withdrawal/BIND, focus on eating right (whole-food, plant-based diet), moving enough, stressing less, and being love in the world. These four cornerstones serve as a foundation for healing and can help the recovery process.
  2. Patience is Key: Recovery from benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND takes time. Be patient with yourself and acknowledge that healing is a gradual, up-and-down (windows and waves) process. Celebrate small victories along the way, and remember that waves come and go. 
  3. Cultivate Acceptance: Acceptance is a powerful tool in managing withdrawal/BIND. Recognize that your journey will have ups and downs, and accepting the discomfort can help you navigate through it with resilience and determination. Acceptance is not resignation; it is power! Accept the things you cannot change, don’t fight them.  
  4. Seek Support: Connect with others who have experienced benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND through support groups or online forums. Sharing your struggles and triumphs with like-minded individuals can provide validation, understanding, and valuable insights.
  5. Distract: Distraction is a wonderful tool to help us cope with the confusing and frightening symptoms we experience. Taking our focus off of them and putting it onto something else can turn down the volume of our suffering.


In Conclusion

While the internet may lack an abundance of stories about recovering from benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND, it is essential to remember that silence does not diminish the reality of success. Many individuals choose to move forward, leaving the painful chapter behind, while others may be sharing their stories within smaller, more intimate communities, not online. Regardless of the visibility of these success stories, it is important to recognize that recovery is possible and that each person’s journey is unique, including how they go forward. 

If you are navigating benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND, remember that embracing the four cornerstones of well-being and seeking support can significantly contribute to your healing process. You can navigate this challenging journey with resilience and hope by prioritizing your physical and mental well-being, allowing yourself time to heal, accepting the temporary discomfort, distracting yourself from the symptoms, and connecting with others who understand your experience.

It is worth mentioning that while it is unfortunate that most doctors lack adequate knowledge about benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND, it is helpful to explore available resources and options to ensure your well-being. Educating yourself about the benzo withdrawal/BIND is critical, so you can be your best advocate when working with a healthcare professional. If you are concerned about a symptom, get checked out to reassure yourself that nothing else is happening. If you need help with talking to a doctor, this letter may be of some assistance. If you need help educating a friend or loved one, this resource may be helpful.

Remember, the scarcity of success stories about recovering from benzodiazepine withdrawal/BIND on the internet does not diminish the reality of recovery. You will recover! Millions of us have. Myself included. You will, too.