“Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” Genesis 2:7

We often think about how we need God, but what if the tables were turned? What if God needed us? Now, I’m not saying that God does need us, but let’s think about this idea for a moment and it’s implications for our lives as clean and sober people.

Of course God can get along quite nicely without human beings. (Sometimes I wonder if He ever regrets creating creatures that destroy His creation.) However, we do allow God to see His creation through our eyes. Think about that. We mirror back to God His creation! It is vitally important that we mirror the truth. We can only do that when we are clean and sober and we have right sized our egos so that we aren’t judging people, places or things. We allow people, places and things to be just as God made them and just as God has them in His control. We can’t mirror back to God what is God’s if we tarnish the view with our egos.

I daresay God needs us in the truest sense of the word, but I like thinking that I have a responsibility to God to reflect His magnificent creation back to Him as untarnished as I can. I know if I returned to drinking again, I’d not be able to fulfill that responsibility. Knowing that I am God’s “eyes on the ground” keeps me on my toes to see the world He wants me to see; the world He created as opposed to the world I create in my head about His world!

God gave us the most incredible, priceless, precious gift: life. The very least we can do is to live our lives in such a manner that we give our lives to God as a gift. We live seeing the world for Him in all its splendor, wonder and magnificence. Yes, God could exist without us, so He doesn’t truly “need” us, but my hunch is, He enjoys greatly the gifts of those who have chosen to follow Him and to appreciate His world the way He created it.

F.R.O.G. Practice: Today remember to see the world as God created it instead of how you create it in your thoughts. Be God’s eyes on the ground so to speak. Mirror to Him His magnificence.