“So the king gave orders for Daniel to be taken and thrown into the pit filled with lions.” (Daniel 6:16)

God has a funny way of preparing us for service. He often places us in situations of extreme adversity. Daniel was thrown into the lion pit. Paul was blinded temporarily. David had to flee for his life and live as a fugitive for many years. You know what is is like to face adversity because God made you an alcoholic or an addict! In His wisdom, He knew that giving you such a hard challenge would bring you close to Him. In you, He planted one of His most precious seeds. He knew you could get sober and carry the message of recovery to others. God knows your talents in sobriety will shine brightly and be a beacon in the world.

In my own recovery from alcoholic drinking and the brain damage from the anti-anxiety medication that my doctor prescribed, I often felt that God didn’t love me. But as I spent more time in sobriety, I realized that God used my recovery as a way to deepen my faith in Him. He revealed to me His divine plan for my life. I finally knew exactly why God had made me. I wouldn’t have discovered that life-changing key any other way. I had to go through what I went through. Much like you had to go through your dark and hard times to get to this place of light with God.

God prepares us for service by putting incredible obstacles or adversity in our way. Think of your alcoholism or addiction as a special call to be of service! See it as a blessing, instead of a curse.