After years of coaching and hosting online workshops and support groups, I’ve come to a place where I want to combine all of my education and lived (and learned from others) experiences and offer a true well-being support group. The focus will be on the four cornerstones of true well-being: eating right, moving enough, stressing less, and loving well. The support group will not be a place where we focus on benzo withdrawal symptoms, but rather look at the bigger picture of healing. We will be exploring leaning towards a more whole food plant-based diet, the polyvagal theory, as well as spiritual concepts.

The support group will be a membership only group with videos, private Facebook Live presentations, and written information on the site. All members will have access to the Acceptance Workshop and Healing With Love Workshop. (I will continue to offer one-on-one coaching to anyone in the benzo community, so that hasn’t changed.) You may notice that I am creating a new presence on social media under the name Cinnamon Jenn where I’ll be offering help to people outside of the benzo community. But don’t worry, I am still very much dedicated to helping here.

I’ll be posting all the details (cost, Facebook live events, member-only blogs, etc.)  about the support group as soon as I have built the infrastructure for it. Presently, I am on a much-needed vacation so it will be a few weeks until it is up and running.

A gentle reminder: I have a 24-hour cancelation/rescheduling policy for coaching. It is stated on the sign-up forms when you book an appointment. If you are not sure how you will be feeling, you may want to wait and book a session the same day you want to connect (if you are feeling well enough), or as soon as you can so that you are able to keep your appointment.

I am so excited about the new support group! I have been wanting to offer a more holistic approach to true healing. These four cornerstones have served me well. I am grateful for them and rely on them every day.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing holiday. We are about to head into fall! I can’t wait!