I’m excited to celebrate the Fourth of July with my family. It will be the classic backyard get-together: good food, laughter, and a swimming pool. The San Francisco Bay area has been clobbered with scorching temps in the triple digits. Floating in the pool sounds like heaven. I hope you all are keeping cool and able to enjoy the holiday.

Certification Couse for Healthcare Professionals

There is a lot to report month. The benzo withdrawal certification course for healthcare professionals is very close to being completed. It got delayed due to software problems that were never solved. I had to move the entire course to a new learning platform, Thinkific, lesson by lesson, which also meant the multiple-choice quizzes had to be recreated one by one and moved question by question. It was time-consuming. I added more lessons to the course, so it covers all that I can think is important for healthcare professionals to know. The course should be ready to launch in a week or two. Fingers crossed.

Benzo Withdrawal/BIND in the News

The New York Post published a story on the article,  Long-term consequences of benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction: A survey, I blogged about it Saturday, July 1. It’s good to see benzo withdrawal getting some recognition, hopefully educating both healthcare professionals and laypeople about the dangers of benzos.

Guest Speakers/Group Activities

Kathi Donald was our guest Friday, June 30, in my Heal With Dr. Jenn support group that meets on Discord. She shared about her six-figure settlement. It was an inspirational interview. All of our discussions are recorded (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM Pacific), so you can watch the interview at your convenience if you decide to join the group. (Thank you, Kathi!)

Mike, an old client of mine, was the guest host Thursday, July 22. He filled in for me as I had cataract surgery on both eyes (I can see again!) that day. Mike is always a wonderful guest, and his story is very compelling. (Thank you, Mike!) I didn’t have any sedation for the procedure, just a local anesthetic. It was easy-peasy.

This Wednesday, we will be creating vision boards to help us with our goals and aspirations. We have a crafting gathering on Thursday, Coloring Our Feelings, and on Friday, I’ll host, along with an alumnus from the group, Putting Our Knowledge of the Gut Microbiome into Practice, so we can stack the cards in our favor to heal more quickly.

New Irons in the Fire

I’ve always been happiest juggling many projects at once. I have created a new Instagram profile, @jenniferleighauthor, to promote my novel Hen. I wrote it while recovering from my 6-year setback.  The manuscript lived on my computer for a long time before I got around to editing it and publishing it on Amazon.  It’s a story about the hurt that lives within the love between all mothers and daughters. It is set in the 1970s and 80s. Writing it helped me hold on during that dark time. I am going to offer a free virtual bookclub discussion later in the summer. If you are able to read and would like to join me, please do! I’ll announce the dates as we get closer to the time.

I’ve also created a new website, Heal With Dr. Jenn. (I’ll change the name of my benzo support group to Recover With Dr. Jenn so it’s not confusing.) The website is for people fifty and older. I’ll be offering health and wellness coaching, courses, and speaking engagements. I want others who are middle-aged and beyond to be as healthy and happy as possible, and I want them to avoid the dangers and damages of medications. (Too many seniors are on too many medications!) I’ll be promoting the site and my services on social media, so if you see it, don’t be alarmed. I am NOT leaving the benzo community. I will also be publishing a podcast for Heal With Dr. Jenn.

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow? This year’s demonstration healing garden is doing well. It’s a new garden plot, so it is a test-and-learn season. Two of the raised beds failed as they don’t get enough sunlight. I am pivoting and going to replace the veggies with shade-loving cutting flowers. A rodent has been nibbling the green tomatoes, so I had to net them. The shishito peppers are doing okay, but they are not as big as last year’s plants. I am hoping for the best, though. The birds and squirrels congregate at the numerous feeders. I love sitting inside looking out at them or in my swing on the deck. They have gotten used to me outside and will come to visit as long as I don’t walk near them. I’ve been answering gardening questions for my clients, which makes me happy! Gardening is a wonderful way to distract and promote our healing. If you want to share about your garden, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it. If my garden has inspired your healing, let me know!


I’ve been so busy creating the course, blogging, and creating social media content that I haven’t gotten out my camera to video. It’s on my list of things to do. I promise I’ll post a video for the benzo community soon. What topics would you like me to cover?

That’s all the news I can think to share. Until next time, take good care of yourself.

“I am safe. I am healing. I will recover.”

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Jenn