I am writing to inform you that there is erroneous information in your pamphlet regarding benzos.
Overall, the pamphlet it great, however, the errors make it dangerous information to pass out to the public.
It states that one should not take benzos as otherwise prescribed.However, doctors are keeping patients on these drugs for more than a few weeks, and many become dependant and badly damaged by them. I am such a person. It also states to see your doctor to help you withdraw. Most doctors are ignorant about benzo withdrawal.  A doctor can not help you avoid serious withdrawal symptoms if you are in tolerance withdrawal or dependent. Many will suffer terribly no matter how slowly they taper.
I’d like to see the pamphlet list the very real and very serious dangers of these medications, and to acknowledge that one can become harmed by them in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
There are millions of us recovering from taking the prescribed amounts our doctors gave us. I never abused the benzo I took.
The health crisis that benzos are creating in the world is staggering. Yet it goes unnoticed for the most part.
Your organization has the chance to spread better information regarding these very dangerous drugs.
Just because a doctor can prescribe them, does not make them safe. I believe every child born mangled from Thalidomide would agree with that statement. Or the widows and widowers left behind because their spouse took  Vioxx. Those drugs were banned. It’s too bad that we cannot get long-term use of benzos banned as well.

Thank you for your time,
Dr. Jennifer Leigh
If you would like to read the pamphlet, you can find it at www.neteducate.org. (It is copyright protected, so I am unable to reprint it here.)
I am glad to see an organization doing something to educate people against the dangers of these drugs. I do wish that information was more clear and honest however.