Have you ever searched for something and then discovered it was right in front of you all along? You feel sorta foolish when you realize it, don’t you? That’s how I feel. See, a few weeks ago I published a short report about the top three coping skills I used to survive benzo withdrawal and eventually thrive. But guess what? I forgot one! (And it just so happens it’s a very big one.) It was hiding in plain sight! It is something I’ve been doing all of my life, so I didn’t see it as a specific benzo withdrawal coping skill.

I attended a spiritual retreat at Mercy Center over the weekend. I shared my recovery process in my small group breakout session. One of the women pointed out to me that the habit I’ve been doing for most of my life was really one of the strongest cards in my recovery deck. She was so right! That’s when I felt a bit foolish. I hadn’t even thought about it as an anchor in my recovery, but it sure was and still is! It is just as powerful as my gardening, No, wait. Delete that. It is even… more powerful.

I came home from the retreat and I shared it with some recovery friends. The excitement around it was unbelievable.  Everyone wants me to teach them how to do this really simple, but powerful thing I do every day. 

I’m hard at work to create an instructional course for you so you can start getting benefits from it right away. Now, it won’t cure benzo withdrawal. But it sure can help you hold on in your darkest moments, and it can help you make sense of your life as withdrawal loosens its grip.

I am so excited to have something tangible to give you that can help you cope better. I know not everyone can garden like I did and do, but absolutely, everyone can do this. Even people who are struggling to read, or watch TV can do this. Even people with agoraphobia can do this. You can even do it in a panic attack to help you get through those horrific minutes. (I did!) The best part is you probably own the two things you need to do this.

I care so much about you, my fellow benzo sisters and brothers. I know how hard recovery can be. I’ll let you know when I’ve put the final polish on the course. I want it to be outstanding for you. I want to make sure I don’t leave anything hiding in plain sight again.

Oh! The report I published is still a very good resource. Please feel free to grab your own free copy. But know that soon, I’ll have something more for you! Much, much more. Till then… be blessed.