Luke 5:8 “Depart from me, Lord, I am a sinner.” 

Does the thought of letting God into all areas of your life frighten you? It does me at times. What if God wants me to do something I am not prepared to do? What if he leads me to places where I am uncomfortable, or afraid? It’s easier to let God have just a little of my existence. I can allow him into certain parts of my life and ignore him in others. But, that’s not what God wants, and it is not what will allow me to grow and mature. When I put God in a straightjacket, I straightjacket myself. I stunt myself and the possibility of an extraordinary destiny.

To allow God into all areas of our lives mean we are willing to put God first, above all fleshly desires. It means we step out into faith and remain there, no matter how uncomfortable we may be. Eventually, the tug at our hearts to follow wordly things loosens it grip and we are transformed by God’s grace. We no longer are bound by earthly concerns and the desire to know God, in all things, becomes our driving force.

Once we have felt the intense love of God, that divine peace and freedom, we don’t want to let it go. We stop wanting God to depart from us. We no longer fear what a relationship with Him will do in our lives. We realize that without Him, our lives are but mere shells of what they could be, or should be.

Fortunately God is patient with us. He know that our seeking him and our reliance on him in all things, can take time for some of us. He never withdraws himself from us. He waits for us to unbuckle the jacket we have bound him in. He waits for us to accept the divine gifts he gives so freely to grow us into the human beings he wants us to be.