“He will delight in obeying the LORD. He will not judge by appearance nor make a decision based on hearsay.” ~ Isaiah 11:3, NLT

Yesterday I was driving from Jacksonville to Miami on highway 95. The drive was a bit monotonous and I was tired before I even sat behind the wheel. (I’ve been driving all across the USA from San Francisco since January 4, visiting people who have the same type of brain injury I had, in order to minister to them.) I wasn’t in the best of moods, having received some sad news about one of my friends.

The highway was under construction for miles. I had to be extra observant and cautious. My head began to hurt from the tension I felt. Suddenly a loud rumble filled the air. On my left were a bunch of motorcycles passing me. The noise was annoying. I looked out of the side window at them. The men had on leather and headbands. In an instant, I disliked them. “Dirty bikers,” I assumed. As they got further in front of me, I felt guilty about my first thought.

The Harleys pulled in front of me where I could see the backs of the men’s jackets. Every one of them read, Jesus Is Lord.  I smiled and gave them a thumbs up in agreement. Of course, they couldn’t see me, but it felt good to do.

As they pulled out of sight, I prayed for forgiveness for my assumption and my judgement. I wondered what other assumptions and judgements I am making in my life that are keeping me from seeing the real truth about people, places or things? I asked God to help me open my eyes and my heart wider, every moment of every day, so I might see and feel, the truth.

What assumptions or first thought wrong, are keeping you from more love and happiness in your life? What can you do today, to see the truth?