What a week, eh? If you missed out on the events, that’s okay. Lot’s of ups and downs but we got through them all. You may have noticed that I changed my website this week not once, but twice, to reflect the changes in the benzo world. I think the dust has settled now and that we can all move forward.

The changes you see on my site reflect the changes that Baylissa (Baylissa.com) is back and counseling and coaching. Her private group didn’t launch, but she is still helping people navigate withdrawal. I’m so pleased! My site has a link to her site so that people who need help in the throes of withdrawal can work with her. I am focusing my efforts on coaching people who are (mostly) healed who want to rebuild their lives. My ministry is also growing, and I am very excited to focus more of my energy on it. (I have over 23,000 followers on Instagram and I love hearing from some of them.)

You may have also read my post (rant!) on Facebook today. Please be respectful of anyone who is trying to help you navigate withdrawal! Whether they give their time and attention for free or charge for their time, be kind. We’ve been through our own long journey of healing and we want to give back, we really do. We try so hard to be there for everyone. But please understand that we have feelings and boundaries. We need to step back now and again regroup and sometimes we need to throw our own little tantrums because we are just as sick of benzo withdrawal and all of the lives it has damaged or ended, as you are. So, bear with us, please. We do our best. We really do.

I hope that the changes I’ve made on the website help everyone find information quickly. I hope that the site is more user-friendly. I *hope* these are the last changes for awhile other than I (may) begin adding an A-Z page of “everything benzo related.” Let me underscore the word, “maybe”.

I hope everyone is holding on and finding good ways to cope. Know that benzo withdrawal WILL come to an end. I promise. You are going to be so amazed at how life feels when your brain has recovered from the damage from the benzo or Z drug you took. It’s really sweet on this side of benzo withdrawal.