First, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season. I hope that you are able to enjoy the weeks ahead. And, I hope that the New Year brings you quick healing. Here’s the news I want to share with you:

  • I am going to take the month of December off from writing my Monday blog posts. I’ll still be coaching and leading the Acceptance Workshop. I’ll be back with new content at the start of the New Year.


  • I am leading the third Acceptance Workshop starting next Monday, December 3. The cost is 56$. You can follow along at your own pace. For more info please visit the Workshop page or email me. I won’t be offering this workshop again until much later in the year.


  • My newest book, Soul Reminders, Little Chats With God, is on Amazon. I posted a link to it on the Home page. If you want some spiritual comfort, I hope my words help.

As we head to the close of 2018, there is so much I am grateful for. This has been a tremendous year for me. I moved to a new town where I am as happy as I can be! I welcomed my second grandchild, my daughter got married, I began writing again, and my healing became noticeably faster. I am very close to being where I was pre-setback. I trust that I’ll be even more healed than that, in time. Life is incredibly filled with joy and thanks, every day. I love my life! You will love yours too, in time. Keep healing.

I’ll be back with my blogs posts the first Monday of the year. Take good care of yourselves. Book a coaching session if you need help coping with the holidays. I’m here for you.