For awhile, I’ve felt torn over working with people in withdrawal, or writing my daily Soul Reminders, and helping people grow spiritually. But I was looking at it all wrong. I saw it as either or. It isn’t. I realize that I can hold both in my heart. Besides, many of my Soul Reminder readers are in benzo withdrawal! Which leads me here, to this post, to say to you, that I now know my next steps. I’ve been waiting (as patiently as possible) for the path to appear. But the funny thing is, I was on the path! It’s been right under my feet all along! I’m being called to not only continue working with people in benzo withdrawal but to widen the scope of my work.

I’m truly honored to share that I am now (finally!) writing a benzo withdrawal guidebook for patients and doctors. I intend for the book to be a complete guide (and workbook) so that people are educated about the withdrawal process and they can cultivate good coping skills to navigate their way to recovery safely. I am including chapters for the medical profession so that they can become more educated about the withdrawal process. I want for them to stop harming us, and to help us. I’m motivated to write the book because of my own withdrawal experience, the stories of people I’ve spoken to from around the world, and also by the thousands of our military veterans—men and women I’ve not met—who are suffering from being medicated with a benzo.

My non-profit organization, Jennifer Leigh Ministries, is dedicated to serving people in benzo withdrawal. I am learning how to fundraise (it can’t be as scary as benzo withdrawal, right!) and hope to be fully funded this coming year. I’ve got a learning curve ahead of me, but I’ll get there. I am also creating a training course for the medical community and will do my best to share the best practices for benzo withdrawal.

It is my hope/dream to add more videos to this website in the coming year. I’d love to add a new one often (every day!) to help you feel less alone and less frightened. Let’s see if I can accomplish that during 2017.

In one of my posts, I wrote that I would no longer be coaching people in withdrawal past the new year. I’ve corrected that post. I’m more dedicated than ever to walk side by side with you until you get to your own recovery. As you know, my coaching often contains spiritual elements in it as I can’t fathom walking this journey without the help of our Creator. But you don’t have to have my faith to work with me. I want to be clear about that. I welcome everyone.

As we step into the last month of 2016, I marvel at the work God has done in my life over the last 6 years. I’ve truly been transformed into the person I always hoped I could be. My withdrawal journey turned out to be a gift. I’m certain that yours will be as well, once you are more healed and you have a different vantage point than you do now.

To those of you that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, know that I carry you in my heart every day. For those of you that I’ve not yet met, or never will meet, know that I carry you in my heart as well. I never knew what family really meant until I had my four children so many years ago, and when I joined the benzo withdrawal community in 2010. We have bonds to each other that only those who have experienced benzo withdrawal can understand. We’ve been forged together in the fire, inseparable, and unbreakable,

_acf1ls65ye-leon-seierleinI look ahead with eager eyes, an open heart, and a willingness to be obedient to the steps God has placed in front of me. I am excited to be dedicated to helping those who are navigating benzo withdrawal, and also to those who care for them.

With all my good wishes and love,