Have you seen it?
Blogger Erin Jones, a mother in her 30’s,  took some time off from her anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication and about went nuts (so she says).  Withdrawal? (Hmmmm.)  She decided to go back on the meds and posted a picture of herself holding her prescriptions. She has started a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag ##MedicatedandMighty.

The Huffington Post ran the story and now it’s spreading over Facebook.
I wish journalists were more educated about these medications so that they would be less inclined to publish stories that may encourage people to take a benzo.

I posted my feelings about the story on Facebook as respectfully as possible.
One day, Erin may need to join my private benzo community if she hits tolerance and finds out the damage the drugs have done to her brain and body. It’s so sad that doctors are so uneducated about these drugs and continue to create chemical dependancy and ill health.

Hope everyone is holding on. You are healing. Keep going.
Happy fall! Hope you are starting to feel the change in season.

Bright blessings,