NEW! Yesterday I downloaded a membership plug-in so that I could begin creating the members-only blog content for my support group, Mornings With Jenn. Unfortunately, the plug-in wasn’t what I needed so I deleted it. When it left for parts unknown into the ethernet, it took with it the homepage for my site! I have no idea how that could even happen, but, it did. My hosting company could have restored the site from a backup, but it would have turned back the hands of time on my other website, and I would lose all the work I’ve put it into it to date. Soooooo… I created a new home page for

It’s more sleek and streamlined than before, and frankly, I think it is a bit easier to read and to use—a plus for those who are having serious “benzo brain” issues. I hope that the new page feels good to you. I see the whole weird incident as a nod from that-which-is-greater-than-me to better improve my messaging on the site. I hope I have done that.

You’ll still find the links to The Ashton Manual, the two workbooks I’ve created for the benzo community and my Soul Reminders book. There are easy sign-ups for coaching sessions as well as easy enrollment for the Mornings With Jenn support group.

NEW! Just a quick note that my coaching hours will be changing soon. I will be coaching ONLY on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The change will go into effect the week of Monday, October 14th and last at least until the New Year.

NEW! My blogging posts will be changing as well. I have been trying to post once a week for the site, but now it may be a few weeks or months until new free content arrives as I will be writing content for the members of Mornings With Jenn. Old posts already published will still be available and public, so you can come back and visit and read those any time. New, free content may not be available until the first of the year, depending on my workload.

I’m super-excited about the Mornings With Jenn group. If you are interested in joining and would like to know more, feel free to drop me a line.