Finally! It’s here. Mornings With Jenn will start Monday, September 30th. The support group will focus on the four cornerstones of well-being: eat right, move more, stress less, and love well. We won’t be focused on benzo withdrawal symptoms, but of course, we will address them as they pertain to recovery. Members of Mornings With Jenn will have access to the Healing With Love workshop and the Acceptance Workshop. I’ll explain polyvagal theory, too.

We will meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9 AM Pacific at my private Mornings With Jenn Facebook group. We will talk for about 45 minutes. Members will also receive private blog posts and videos, and be invited to attend live streaming events that I host. We will have a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to sharing some cooking ideas and lifestyle choices that can help you better navigate your recovery from the brain injury that your benzo has caused you.

We will keep things positive and hopeful and we will work diligently to put into place the thoughts and behaviors that we need to bolster our healing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. I posted a short video on my benzo website to explain a bit about the support group. I hope you’ll consider joining, I’d love to see you there. The cost for membership is $59 a month. You may cancel at any time.