If there was an Olympics for benzo support groups, Mornings With Jenn just won the gold medal. I’m not bragging; I’m telling the truth. Mornings With Jenn, my live support group, moved from a secret Facebook group to Discord. Finally, people in benzo withdrawal have a live support group three days a week, text, voice, and video chat rooms on many topics, movie nights, a radio station, and more! What we have in Mornings With Jenn is a true COMMUNITY dedicated and focused on healing, not just symptom sharing. Plus, we have the ability to reduce triggering by creating “roles” for everyone. Don’t want to be tempted to go into a symptom chat room? You’ll never see the room in your menu! Trigger avoided. We can customize your experience to best fit your needs.

Today was our first day, and it went reasonably smoothly. The learning curve isn’t as big as people may think. We will all be pros and finding our way around in Discord by Friday.

If you are interested in affordable support and want to belong to a true community dedicated to safety and healing, I hope you will consider joining Mornings With Jenn. There is no other support group like it. I’m excited about the possibilities is offers the benzo community.

The $75 monthly subscription fee increases soon, but your fee would never increase if you joined now.  Everyone stays grandfathered in at their original price.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
From my heart to yours,

Mornings With Jenn