Yesterday went from bad to worse in a hot hurry. By the early afternoon I ached from head to toe and began shaking. I was weak as a kitten. By the late afternoon I had a fever that climbed upwards to 102. The body pain, head pressure and tingles/bee stings were almost unbearable.

I have the flu, and it is triggering wd sx. Not fun.

I called my MD friend. I sobbed to him that I was in unbearable pain. He insisted I take some Tylenol. I haven’t taken a pill in years. I’m not a fan anymore of pills, as you can imagine. I researched what medicines you can take in wd and found this list:  Over the counter pain meds do work slightly on GABA it seems, but Tylenol wasn’t listed.

The list says that caffeine doesn’t work on GABA but I thought I read somewhere that it does. (Matt told me he felt his caffeine intake was a large reason he had a return of sx.)

I did take some Tylenol and within 30 minutes I felt better. My fever broke at some point in the night too. I am in bed, but not in horrible pain. For that, I am grateful.

Now some info on comments made here to the blog.

WordPress usually sends me an email to let me know a comment has been made. But sometimes I either don’t get the email or I miss them. Whatever is happening translates that I sometimes don’t see your comments until hours or days even, after they are posted. I do my best to reply to people as soon as I can, when I feel a reply is needed.

If you leave a comment, and you want a response from our group, please say so in your comment. Let us know you are reaching out for help. I know this isn’t a forum per se, but we are a caring community and we try to help each other.

If I  haven’t responded in a timely manner, drop me an email. Or if you have my phone number, call me. Please don’t sit in silence and feel bad. I know ALL TOO WELL how fragile we are in the throes of wd, and how much comfort and reassurance we need and need ASAP.

You may want to enroll at or one of the Facebook groups too for more support.

I am going to stay in bed and watch movies today. I am a pro at bed rest after years of wd. I know in a few days I will be back to my new normal and out in the world. I just have to practice patience, which is another skill I have honed these past few years.

Hold on everyone. Healing is happening.