My Dear Benzo Friends,

I’ve been in the benzo community for twelve years. In a now-defunct benzo withdrawal forum, I started as someone in a rapid taper (my doctor wasn’t benzo-wise). I did my best to be positive and to help other members. I even started my own forum but couldn’t keep it going. I created this website instead. I chronicled my journey, sharing it all honestly. Out of that sharing came my coaching; at some point, I knew I’d not return to my old career. I was needed here. I’ve always done my best to help others. Now, I am asking for your help.

On Monday, I launch a six-week course for healthcare professionals who want to understand benzo withdrawal/BIND to better serve their patients/clients. I have been working on this course for a year. It’s taken a lot of sweat and tears. But it is finally ready!

Upon successful completion of the course “Understanding Benzodiazepine Withdrawal/BIND for Healthcare Professionals,” a graduate will receive a certificate, and their practice will be shared on this website so people know they are benzo-wise.

I need your help in sharing the news about the course. I’ll post more information and links on Monday that you can share with your healthcare team and social media accounts.

Let’s get the knowledge into the hands of the people who can put an end to needless suffering. Help me make my dream come true— to one day live in a world where healthcare professionals are not unintentionally harming people with benzodiazepines.

From my heart to yours, in gratitude,