2021 ended with the joyful addition of a sweet little boy to our growing family. My daughter Natalie and her Husband Dan brought Jackson into the world on December 21st. I was there at the birth, which was a wonderful gift! I was lucky that the restrictions at the hospital had opened up so that Natalie could have 2 people in the room with her. Those restrictions closed a few days after as the Omicron variant of Covid swept through the San Francisco Bay Area. I got caught in that wave of infection and came down with Covid on the 9th. It was rough, I gotta say. I’m better now, but not 100%. If you messaged me during the last few weeks and I’ve not replied, my apologies. I was too sick to read and reply.

While recovering from Covid, I dusted off the novel I wrote during my six-year setback and edited it, formatted it, designed a cover, and now it’s on Amazon! I’ve written a dozen self-help books over the years, but this is my first novel. (I’m now fifty pages into my second, a thriller.)  I have ALWAYS wanted to write a novel. And, I did it! As you recover more and more, you’re going to make your dreams come true, too!

Covid was a wakeup call for me to evaluate my stress levels. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and it has caught up with me. I need to create more joy in my life! I am doing that by creating courses for people who want to increase their creativity in order to achieve their dreams and visions. I’m excited! I am working on a course for people who are mostly healed from benzo withdrawal who want to creatively explore what is next in their lives. Creativity has always been a passion of mine; I taught a class on the neuroscience of creativity at Stanford University a few years ago.

2022 marks my twelfth year in the benzo community. I’m a passionate voice here, as you probably know. I’m always researching and learning what can help people heal from a benzo injury. I’ve got a good feeling about the coming year. I think we are going to see some changes in the world with regards to Benzos. I’m optimistic at least.

I hope that 2022 is your year for healing. I hope you find ways to tap into your creativity to explore what’s next in your life. Who knows? Maybe you’ve got a novel inside of you just waiting to be written! I’d love to read it, if you do.

Keep healing, friends. Your best is just ahead. Life after Benzos is incredibly delicious. You’re going to get here. One day at a time.
Keep an eye out for a new video on my Youtube channel. I’ll be posting one soon.

If you want to check out my novel on Amazon,, here is the link.