I’m a recovering overachiever. Most days, I manage to reel in my cravings to do more, learn more, be more. But old habits are hard to break. I find myself now with more irons in the fire than I can manage. So, I’m doing my best to put a pin in some of the things on my ever-growing to-do list. Even though I’ve been creeping into the “I’m doing too much” zone, I am excited about the things I’ve been working on.

My new website, thrivewithdrjenn.com, is now live. The purpose of the site is to help people overcome anxiety without medication. Wouldn’t we have all liked to have known how to do that so we could have avoided the suffering of benzo withdrawal? I’ll be offering masterclasses and coaching. I’ve hired someone to teach me the ins and outs of social media, which means you can expect better and more videos on my Youtube channel and informative posts on Instagram and Facebook. I’m even going to jump into TikTok and see what happens!

I’ve created a new marketing piece for thrivewithdrjenn.com, the Forgotten Anti-Anxiety Tool ebook. If you’d like, you can download it here: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/iHuaEFM/freeantianxietytool  (If you’ve never worked with me before, the ebook has an offer of 50% off your first 60-minutes coaching session.)

I am almost finished with my second ebook, The Whole-Food, Plant-Based Starter Guide For Overcoming Anxiety. It contains nutrition information, grocery lists, meal prep ideas, cooking techniques, kitchen tools and equipment, recipes, and more. I am excited to finish it and share it.

Other irons in the fire: I am in four new classes to learn more about the brain, nutrition, nervous system, etc. I’ve probably spread myself a bit thin here, but I am so passionate about discovering how to help us heal. But I promise I won’t add any more classes for a while after this. I’ll let my brain rest.

My next big project is to finish my book, The Benzodiazepine Survival Guide. I’ve started and stopped so many times. I’m unsure what keeps me from buckling down and getting it done. I guess that it’s still hard to go back and make sense of so many years spent in unbearable agony. There is so much I want to share with you, with doctors, therapists, and caregivers, and I want the information to be rock solid. I will finish the book, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

One last iron in the fire to mention is a big one and one I am very excited about! I’ll create a separate post for it soon, but I want to let you know I now partner with a husband-wife psychiatrist team. They are benzo-knowledgable, and what they don’t yet know, they are learning. It’s lovely to be able to confer with doctors who understand the dangers of benzodiazepines and are willing to help, but more than that, know not to further harm.

I am happy to introduce you to Dr. Marissa Witt-Doerring and  Dr. Josef Witt-Doerring. You can find them at www.wittdoerringpsychiatry.com. They are licensed to practice in these states: New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Tennesee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Utah. You can email them at jwd@wittdoerringpsychiatry.com. I am impressed with their genuine care and concern.

I’ve not felt this much excitement and curiosity about the future in a long time. Good things are afoot. Good things, indeed. I am eager to continue to share with you, to help you on your path of healing, your path to true health and happiness.