I am not coaching on withdrawal per se, I am however helping others create their own healing garden.

You can find out more about my garden at InnovaGardens.com 

I’ll also share about it’s role in my recovery on the radio show being broadcast from Boston. (See the previous post)

I’ve had a few inquiries about healing in a garden setting (and through gardening) so I thought I would address it here.

It’s not too late to get some fabulous flowers in the ground. Their colors will warm your heart. The birds, bees and butterflies will keep you company. Watching the new plants grow and bloom mark the (often very slow) passing of time as you heal.

I look forward every day to the new surprise that awaits me in the garden. This morning it was six new poppies blooming on a plant that had zero blooms just yesterday.

I enjoy the company of neighbors who come by to drop their jaws at the beauty in my yard (and it’s not me! lol)

I have a poetry board that I write on every morning. A new heart warming statement to pass on some cheer, love or to simply get people to think.  I can’t tell you how many passerby’s thank me for it.

On the days I thought I couldn’t hold on another day, I plunked my ass into a chair in my garden and sat. For hours. Until I knew I was safe enough to get up.  I am now surrounded and held by a neighborhood that has come together over my garden.

The old blind man and his dog stop by every day. He now sings in the garden!! Before, he was withdrawn and isolated. The alcoholic stranger who needed a listening ear stopped by one day. I sat and listened. She’s now in a 12 step program and on the road to recovery. The man with the broken back shuffles by every day. He stops and shares a bit of his life now and then. I have story after story of people’s lives being changed all because I planted flowers. And I invited the world to watch the beauty with me. I refused to give up.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still healing. In fact today’s symptoms were intense. But I keep holding onto the faith that we all heal. And I keep sitting in my garden, asking others to join me, so I can listen to them, and focus on them, instead of my own problems.

The best day was when a stranger stopped with 6 kids and they chased bubbles around my yard. (I had a bubble machine going). It was pure magic.

Thanks for listening to my story.

You have all helped me hold on so I can heal.