Before I got benzo sick, I was studying social and interpersonal neuroscience. I have always been fascinated by the brain. I find it sorta ironic that my brain’s GABA receptors (and who knows what else) got terribly damaged by a pill I took as directed by my physician, and I would need to heal my own brain.

The video below doesn’t show GABA receptors per se, but it does show you the complexity of your brain. Maybe after seeing this, you will have more patience with the healing process your brain is going through. Also, you will note that one of the images shows neuronal axons reaching out to make connections to others. I firmly believe what neuroscientists say about “what fires together, wires together.” If you cope well by accepting your symptoms, you are in essence preparing yourself for a much better time after you recover. You are training your brain ( and central nervous system) to be less anxious, and I assume, far more resilient.

Enjoy the video.

Beautiful 3-D Brain Scans Show Every Synapse | National Geographic