So, I have been in a major wave. Starting to feel pretty sorry for myself. Was bummed that the dog I wanted to adopt was kept by his foster mom. I was leaving my friend’s house tonight after dinner, and told her that upsetting news. As I closed the door behind me, I threw over my shoulder, “My dog is out there. He will find me.” Twenty minutes later I drove to the local elementary school to get a better view of a rare Bay Area lightning storm.

I saw a very large, wolf like dog hightailing it across the playing field. But I didn’t see a person. A car turned into the parking lot, and I hoped it was my daughter who told me she would drive over and meet me and watch the skies with me. But the car stopped. I assumed the big dog I saw running must have had a human with him and they were being picked up by someone. The storm by the way, was a light show only. No rain.

Suddenly, my daughter’s friend was running at my car, hollering, “Help! There is a dog in our car!” I ran back and lo and behold, there was the big wolf-dog sitting in their back seat. They had stopped for him because he ran alongside the car. My daughter rolled down the window and he put his paws up. Then, he climbed in over her!

He’s over 100 pounds and wild looking. I assume a Husky Akita mix. He is massive. And gorgeous. And I love him.

I opened my car door and in he climbed, out of the other car. I bought food and a leash (he has no collar) and brought him home. He is asleep on my floor as I write this.

I don’t know if there is a God or not, but moments like this, it sure feels like it.
I have no idea if he is dog aggressive or will think my cat (who stays out all night) is a breakfast treat. We will see.I will take him to the SPCA to see if he is micro chipped. I won’t surrender him though, I will foster him until his family is found.

He’s a massive dog. A very beautiful animal.

No matter how long I get to keep him, he has brought me joy. I am tingling away, my usual sx kicked in but I don’t really care.

I have a dog!

For this moment at least.

Can you believe it? What are the odds!

He found me!

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