My friends ask me why I chose to get off of a medication that was to stop my panic attacks. It is a legitimate question. The answer is simple, but has a few parts to it.

First, benzos stop working after awhile. They down regulate a part of the brain that keeps the mind and body calm, so you need more of the drug. Benzos are addictive, just like pain meds or heroin. Why would anyone want to continue an addiction?

Second, the drugs cloud your thinking. Benzos are related to alcohol but they are far stronger. Why would I want to live my life numbed out?

Third, the damage benzos do to the brain are pretty horrific. Even on a steady dose, you can have full blown withdrawal symptoms. Some people keep upping their dose trying to get out of withdrawal but the brain is too damaged and no amount of the drug will help.

Fourth, long term use of the drug can cause serious health problems, including dementia.

I am paying a huge price for having believed my doctor and remained on the medication for 19 years. I am healing from a cold turkey withdrawal and it makes my old anxiety look like child’s play.

Why get off of a benzo? To live and love fully and deeply. To be of sound mind and body. To not suffer from withdrawal symptoms even while taking the medication.

In short, to recover my life!