I knew this day would arrive sooner or later…

My daughter asked me to fly with her to Denver. She needs to go for work. It’s a short trip. We would stay in Denver then rent a car and toodle over to Aspen. If you’ve read any of my older posts, you may know that I miss Colorado so much it hurts. Literally. I have a chance to go visit. Best part is it doesn’t cost me anything.

What to do?

I still spend a large amount of my day on my couch. Dizzy, weak, tingling, burning, head pressure, blah, blah, blah….am I well enough to travel? Would all the stimulation set me back? I can’t bear the thought of another gruesome wave. The one that hit last June was horrific. I’m still on the fringes of it.

There is also the flight to consider. I was never a great flyer. I used to fly for business in 2008-2009. I flew quite a bit. But I also drank every flight to quell any jitters. It worked too. I flew through some gnarly snow storms without batting an eye. But the drinking days are behind me. One of the fear symptoms I had in early withdrawal was about planes. I live near SFO. Whenever I saw a plane in the sky, fear would wash through me. That’s now over, thank heavens. Just saying…. planes are not things I enjoy,

I will ponder this today. Journal. Pray.

I so want to support my daughter and accompany her so she doesn’t have to be alone. But I also don’t want to jeopardize my fragile improvement.  Man, I used to jump at the chance to get back to Colorado. Nothing could stop me. Now, fear has me by the short hairs.