My newest book is finished. Well, actually, two books.

Stop. Open. Turn. Three Simple Listening Skills To Nurture And Grow Love In Recovery.

Anyone have time on their hands, and would like to help me out by being part of a focus group?  I want to know if it’s well written. Does it do the job I set out to do, which is to teach the three simple skills? Do I come across as likeable or too confessional? Bottom line, if you read it, would you want to pass it on to someone else to read? (Is it marketable?) It’s 102 pages, but not many words per page. Quizzes, and quotes take up pages as well.

WATCH OUT! I  share some of my benzo withdrawal in Stop. Open. Turn., so if reading about that will trigger you, please don’t volunteer. I want to be helpful, not hurtful to all of you in my benzo family.

Angel’s Cleaning Company is a short story. (24 pages) It’s not quite done as I still need to add a workbook after it, but I’d love for a few people to read and give feedback. (Disclaimer, It’s got a Christian bent to it. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to take a pass on reading it.)

If you want to be a reader for me, (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) please let me know which one (or both?) you want to read.

I want serious feedback, which means being truthful, even if you think it will hurt my feelings. It won’t. Trust me. I survived benzo withdrawal. I can survive a book that needs tweaking. (Even Hemingway needed a great editor. I’m far from his talent, so I need A LOT of them!)

I’m off to help out in a garden down the way. I’m decked out in my overalls, happy as a clam. Life is good. Very, very, good.

If you comment here, I will reply with an attachment of the book(s) this evening. (THANK YOU!)