My dear Benzo Buddies,

I am waiting for Connie at the Mercy Center to return to her office on March 18th to confirm a date for the summit. I assume we are looking at sometime in the summer. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

One of our blog readers is in the hospital. Please pray for Pam. It’s frustrating because the doctors are telling her she isn’t in benzo withdrawal. I did my best to educate a nurse on staff and I am calling her doctor this morning to attempt an educational phone call. I can’t tell you how deeply disturbing it is to watch the medical community practice such bad medicine due to ignorance. I drove home last night with a heavy heart. How do we reach the doctors who are prescribing these poisons and get them to stop? How do we educate the doctors who are having to deal with those coming off? It feels like a gargantuan task. But it needs to be done if others are to avoid the nightmare of benzo dependency and withdrawal.

The hospital my friend is in is the same one I stayed in for a week when  Dr. Glatt, the “addiction specialist” yanked me off my 18 year use of Klonopin cold turkey. It is a wonderful feeling to know I have healed from that horrific insult to my brain.

I do have good news to share. My non-profit, Innova Gardens, is coming together. I may have a garden site soon. We will be of service to people who are recovering from trauma, loss, illness, alcohol or addiction through love, listening, education and therapeutic gardening. I am over the moon to be able to do work that nourishes my soul.

My own personal healing garden is breaking out in color. I will upload pictures and a video soon.

As soon we get dates for the summit, I want to appoint a few people, (Adam, Ruth, Michelle, etc…) to help me with details. Perhaps we can form a Summit Committee? I am so busy I don’t want to miss any details. I feel recovered enough to have a wonderful life these days, but my memory is still dicey. 🙂

Remember to please add Pam to your prayers. Thank you.