To all my dear benzo buddies,

I still have a long ways to go until my health is restored, but it’s time to move on beyond benzo withdrawal and start living fully again. I am not going to be posting any more here and will make the site private. I am working every day to rebuild my coaching career. I will be coaching professional woman. My new blog/site is It’s not created yet. Baby steps. I’ll get there.

I am grateful for this experience. I am now the strongest I have ever been emotionally. I understand that life is truly what I make of it. I have permission to make it what I want.  You do too. Even though you are sick, scared, hurting….. you can still make choices about how you create the moments that make up your days.  The past year and a half I chose to  focus on gardening. Even when I hurt so badly I didn’t think I could move, I went outside in the sun. Planted. Waved to people passing by. I now have a jaw dropping garden. I have dozens of new friends who walk their dogs by, wave and sometimes come sit with me in my front yard. I created an amazing oasis in the midst  of a living hell.

No matter how bad it is for you, please do something besides sit in your misery and feel sorry for yourself. When I did that, those were my very darkest, worst days. You can honor your suffering by taking action, any action that you can, and holding onto hope.

Keep moving forward. No matter how small the steps. You will heal. In time. We all will.

I can’t thank you enough for going on this journey with me. I pray for you all nightly.

This site will be private in a few days. If you want to reach me, please email me. If you don’t have my email, leave a comment. I will send you my address.

All the very best.